Kobo reduces price of E-Reader in the USA to $99

kobo wireless

Kobo has done what most e-reader companies strive to do but never manage to attain, to offer an e-reader below the magic $100 price point. Residents in the United States can now purchase the Kobo Wireless e-reader for $99.99 at Bestbuy and Walmart locations nationwide. People who live in Canada will continue to pay the normal price of $129. Since Kobo is a Canadian company where is the hometown discount?

The Kobo Wireless continues to be one of the most popular e-readers due to the content distribution system. You can shop for newspapers, magazines, and ebooks. The e-reader even comes pre-loaded with over 100 free classic ebooks.

The Kobo Wireless is a 6 inch e-ink based e-reader with 4GB of internal memory. It has a flimsy chassis but for the core functionality of reading, it is a very solid brand to invest in. It reads ePub and PDF files with little problem and even allows you to load in your own books you have downloaded from the internet.

The one factor that separates Kobo from their competition is that they lead the pack for versatility in their apps. They currently have apps for iOS, Android, Windows phone 7, Blackberry and exclusive partnerships with RIM, Samsung and many other. They seminal iPad app titled “Reading Life” offers achievements and rewards for reading books.

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