• linmei



  • dlord

    when is the release date

  • johnny

    do you think I should buy the current arc or wait for this one???????

  • MaskedHypocrite

    Other than the crappier screen and lack of stereo speakers, this looks like it’ll be a bit better in most other respects. Might as well wait and save yourself $50 (minus whatever you’ll pay for a microSD card, of course, to give it a reasonable amount of storage).

  • mario83

    they changed the price, they are now selling them for 139, if they intend to keep selling them when the arc 7 comes out, that might be tricky for one to decide especially if you want something cheaper…., if you dont mind an older processor and less ram, the existing model has a 1280*480 screen and stereo speakers…. or spend 20 bucks more and get a better processor and ram, but you sacrifice the screen res.

  • MassDeduction

    480×1280 you mean (the default is portrait, and it’s always width-x-height 😉 ).

    I’ve been wrestling with this decision myself, and decided to get an 8″ Windows 8 tablet (x86) and just run the Kobo app, now that Win 8 tablets are beginning to hit the $250-300 range and can do so much more.

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