Low cost Android tablet & e-reader from PocketBook

While we know PocketBook is keen to tap the e-reader market in the US, what now seems evident is that the company is also equally eager to cash in on the ongoing tablet craze. And while Pocketbook has readied the PocketBook IQ tablet device, also in the pipeline is the PocketBook 602 e-reader to entice the holiday shopping crowd. Also, PocketBook is not shying away from playing the price game, as it has made it known the PocketBook IQ will lighten one’s purse by just $150 while the PocketBook 602 e-reader will set one back by $170.

So what exactly do you get for $150. The PocketBook IQ comes with a 7 inch touch sensitive color LCD screen having a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. At its heart, the PocketBook IQ has got a rather low 533 MHz processor along with 256MB of RAM. Other features that the PocketBook IQ includes are a USB port, headphone out, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a SD card slot and a g-sensor. The tablet runs on Android 2.0 and has a 1600mAh battery powering the device, which, as per PocketBook is good enough for 245 hours of use per charge.

Coming to the e-reader, the PocketBook 602 has a 6 inch e-ink display with 16 shades of gray. On board storage stands at 2 GB and can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. The e-reader also includes a SD card slot and comes with convenient features such as text to speech that will read aloud the books, search functions that will find the book you are looking for. The e-reader is compatible with almost all known e-book formats and has an impressive battery life of about 14,000 page turns on a single charge, which comes to around a month of usage if used for about two hours each day.

However, while both the device are now selling all over Europe, there is no word yet as to when the tablet will go on sale in the Americas.

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  • Japesbrook

    Does ‘all over Europe’ include the UK? I am eager to buy one of the large-screen e-readers from a UK seller (so that there is some measure of support in the event of problems with the device), but the makers of the various contenders seem to be ignoring Britain. In the words of the (sadly!) seemingly immortal Eastenders – wossgoin’on?

  • shirty

    http://www.greenreader.co.uk/ ? European prices are expensive compared to U.S. pricing though.

    I think some models are already with a few online vendors in the U.S.A., and shipment should begin mid to late Novemeber. That’s just hearsay though.

  • Quickgrayfox

    Rather confused regarding the IQ – all the reviews claim it to have a 533 MHz processor but their company web page claims it to have a SamsungĀ® 800 MHz processor (see http://pocketbook-usa.com/products/pocketbook-iq/#specification)

    What’s the real story?

  • Anonymous

    Good question. This link shows the 533 MHz


  • jmartcougar

    nice tablet but I havent been able to find any videos on it any reviews?