Microsoft Developing Reader for Windows 8 for eBooks and eTextbooks

New Surface tablet computers with keyboards are displayed at its unveiling by Microsoft in Los Angeles
Microsoft is working on a major Windows 8 app that will be a boon for people with RT Tablets and wanting major functionality for eBooks and PDF Files. The most exciting aspect of this new program out soon is the PDF support and the ability to reflow text to navigate through PDFs easily on a touchscreen. Textbooks demo will allow readers to look at tables and interact with various parts of the content was also shown.

One of the most exciting elements about this new app is the intergration with the Surface Pro Pen. It will allow users to circle, underline, highlight, and make notes on any document. The notes are then stored and listed in a side panel in each document. Microsoft’s Office team has also partnered with Bing to augment document content with data from the search service. You can simply select a name or section of the document to then search and receive information in a right-hand sidebar. The results are displayed in a very similar way to Windows 8.1’s integrated Bing hero search.

Extensive document support has been going on for years with Microsoft OneNote. It has not gained the traction the company would have liked, but it is starting to branch off and start to unify their apps. Not only is their a tablet version of the new Reader for Windows 8 but they are working on “Office Lens” for Windows Phone that lets you take a picture of a whiteboard and then automatically scan and convert it using optical character recognition.

All of these new apps are looking to have a early 2014 release date.

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