Mirasol display to be ready by early 2011

It’s just human tendency to want more. Like while we would like to have displays that are resplendent with rich vibrant colors, we also want it to have the minimum impact on the battery. We also wish the display to be just as glorious out in the sun as it is indoors. But then perhaps we might have asked for a bit more.

While Qualcomm did promise us such a thing with its Mirasol display, the promise is still far from being fulfilled. A few more months is the earliest we can expect such a display to become a reality, as opposed to the first half of 2011 and not 2010 as was earlier envisioned.

The Mirasol display, once they become a production reality, will be seen on e-readers and tablet PCs and it has the potential to usher in a revolution in the field of display technology. Once the Mirasol display becomes ready, it will be somewhat like the brilliant Pixel Qi that works just as superbly out in the sun as indoors, while drawing the minimum from the battery. And if anybody that will be happy by the latest delay to hit Qualcomm, it will be perhaps Pixel Qi as its got a few more months to have the entire market for dual display mode to itself.

Sovan Mandal (2780 Posts)

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