New French Digital Imprint Brings Content to US eReaders

One of the things the digital publishing boom has done for both authors and readers is to unleash undiscovered content on the market. By taking away barriers such as printing, shipping, and the need for boutique outlets to stock niche-specific titles, consumers are better able to find and appreciate authors they would never have encountered otherwise.

Established last December, Le French Book, a New York-based independent digital-first publisher, is one of the new breed of companies that works to bring these books to new readers in the US ebook market. Specializing in translations of great French titles, founded Anne Trager, who has lived in France more than half her life and has 26 years of translation and publishing experience.

“I couldn’t stand it anymore,” said Trager. “There are just too many good books not reaching a broader audience. There is a very vibrant, creative culture in France, and the recent explosion in e-reader ownership provides a perfect medium to introduce readers to some of these fantastic French authors.”

Along with French co-founder Fabrice Neuman, Le French Book works across several platforms to provide up-to-date titles to readers. The company’s most recent release, Treachery in Bordeaux,  is based on a widely popular French crime television series set in the wine country.

“We are making our books available currently on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Kobo. They are also available to independent bookstores right now through Google Play (soon this will be Kobo, I believe), and they will soon be available to libraries through Overdrive. Our model is digital-first, but we firmly believe in broadening the reach of our books and getting them out in whatever format we can. We want all readers to have access to these new voices. We are currently focusing on commercial fiction, and our motto is, ‘If we love it, we’ll translate it.’”

Mercy Pilkington (1982 Posts)

is a Senior Editor for Good e-Reader. She is also the CEO and founder of a hybrid publishing and consulting company.