NOOK Adds Entertainment, Streaming Content App

Barnes&Noble added the largest-ever software update to its $199 NOOK Color today, an upgrade that will allow users to have access to over 100 feature enhancements, movie and television sites like Netflix and Flixster, digital comics, and more. While the update is free for NOOK Color owners, it only applies to the specific full-color device, making it more competitive with its prettier big brother, the NOOK Tablet, still priced at $249.

“Building upon our award-winning reading experience and vast digital content catalog, we are excited to offer our largest NOOK Color software update ever that will bring access to movies, TV shows, hundreds of new apps, comics, graphic novels and more to our time-tested, critically acclaimed Reader’s Tablet,” said William Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble. “This innovative product continues to receive high acclaim as an Editor’s Choice and is ranked among the most highly rated eReaders by many leading technology reviewers. At the incredibly low price of $199, customers can discover all types of interactive content specifically designed for the stunning, 7-inch display, in addition to staying connected through email and the web. We encourage customers to stop by their local Barnes & Noble this holiday season to learn about the whole portfolio of NOOK devices and receive free support from one of our highly-trained NOOKsellers.”

Other NOOK products, however, were not left out in the cold for great promotions. All NOOK devices purchased online today, including the $99 Simple Touch and the tablet, will be sold with free shipping and a $25 gift card good at Barnes&Noble physical retailers and online. While the Simple Touch reader is designed as a less expensive, no-frills reading option, the full-color devices include such features as NOOK Newsstand and NOOK Friends, B&N’s Facebook-linked social reading app.

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  • Ryno Bones

    While I appreciate B&N’s effort, there is just no reason to not be running CM7.1 or Phiremod 7.1.  With the myriad apps available to replace and better anything stock can do, plus access to reading apps that are NOT available through the store, it is a travesty to stay with stock.  The NookColor is meant to be a tablet.  Set it free!