Pandigital E-Reader is off the market, for now

pandigital novel

The Pandigital Android driven e-reader, is officially off the market for a period of a few months!

Pandigital is certainly going through some growing pains, we reported last month that users were having a tone of problems with WI-FI, internet connectivity and all sorts of UI errors. The company did a recall of the items, although you had to hunt around for the particular details.

Pandigital then said, a firmware fix would be issued, and it was for a while, but it did little to address the on-going problems.

Yesterday, June 24 2010, Pandigital announced a halt on sales of their Novel E-Reader. They will try and fix some of the on-going firmware problems. The company did mention that in August at the latest the device will again be available. Rumor has it, Pandigital is scraping the current device, and going with a new version that is black, has more RAM, and more functionally, this model is currently being reviewed by the FCC.

The Pandigital Novel Costs only $199 and features a 7-inch TFT LCD color multi-touchscreen display. It measures 7.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches and weighs 454g (16oz). The Operating system runs Google Android and has an ARM 11 Mobile Processor. The Resolution of the device is 800 x 600 and allows great renders of your full color book shelf. Finally, the unit features WI-FI, a mini USB port, 1 GB of internal memory, which is expandable to 32 GB. It reads many popular E-Book formats such as PDF, EPUB, HTML and TXT.
The Google Android operating system allows this e-reader to surf the internet with a dedicated web browser, check email, listen to music and have access to many different applications available for download.

This device not only allows the user to connect up to the Barnes and Noble E-Book store, which currently has over a million E-Books. It also has the ability to use B&N Lendme technology, which allows users to share electronic books with each other for 14 days. The User Interface is both intuitive and customisable. It has great responsive touch screen technology.

Although the Pandigital first cut its teeth doing digital photo frames, its transition to quasi tablet driven e-reader should be a case study for other people trying to get involved into this increasing competitive niche. They tried to rush out a device too quickly to get market share, only to alienate existing customers and turn future customers off with their inability to provide firmware updates, and depending on KOHL to handle the recall of the device.

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  • Guest

    I believe we all can agree that this is an EPIC Fail.

  • Brent

    I was so excited about this product, and Pandigital has completely and utterly failed me beyond any hopes of ever regaining my support. Their “re-release” of the PDN due to their initial crappy software started out being a week, then two weeks, then a month, and now August? It's going to be 2012 before we ever see another Novel, and by then the world will have already ended. What sucks EVEN MORE than all of this though, is that the hardware itself which was built by a Chinese company made an absolutely awesome tablet with great specifications, and Pandigital had to come and just f*ck it all up with their absolutely lame software and lack of programming skills and ruin the hopes of having the first decent Android tablet in the USA (The Archos 7 HT is French, I don't care who you ask.) Pandigital = complete and utter failure.

  • Ron

    Agree Agree Agree and…. yeah, agree!

    My wife was intending this as my Father's Day present and Kohls reps started off telling her… sure come in and pick one up, we'll set it aside for you. That turned into – we have to wait for a firmware upgrade before we can sell it to you, should be a one day turn around since reps will come in and upgrade the device in hours. That became “I'll be darn…. they took them! But they'll be back by the weekend”. Which became, “They've been totally recalled and we'll be getting the nicer black one in and PD promises Mon to Wed at the Latest!”

    Now, mind you this brings us up to the last week before Father's Day and all along, poor Kohl's managers are just relaying what PD PROMISED.

    Of course Mon passed to Tue, to Wed… No Novels. Then it was “WE'VE been guaranteed them by Father's Day – at the latest Friday or Saturday”. At this point, the Kohl's manager had less confidence in executive leadership team at PD making good on their “promises” to customers.

    Father's Day Came and no Novel's. Well by now, my 4 year old knew mommy was waiting for a new ereader for daddy and when the store still didn't have it, he drew me a picture of it. LOL Adorable, but sad that he was excited and said “here's your main gift daddy, but the store still doesn't have it.”

    So more than for myself, I'm upset for my son. At this point I just don't care about teh Novel anymore and believe me – I was WAS WAS super excited about it! Now, meh. I don't belive ANYTHING that comes out of there. I've got my selection narrowed to a Sony Touch which can ironically read more file types than this “more advanced” ereader or a nook wifi, which has the added browser benefit but reads less files and isn't truly 100% touch.

    Regardless, either option is better than PDN simply b/c they are REAL! Let's place the blame squarely where it deserves to be placed for PD's terrible management of this train wreck – with CEO, Dean Finnegan.

    An embarrassment. I wish PD WASN'T American.

  • zoey

    i went through all this trouble to find it at kohls cause it was in there catolog then at anyother store and now im porbably jjust gonna but the kindle
    pandigital is epic fail