• eReaderFan

    There are other reviews that would disagree with you. It resistive touch screen was expected and the screen DOES orient from portrait to landscape. Most people reviewing have been satisfied with the build quality and this is a MUCH better purchase over a kindle.

  • eski15

    Just picked one of the readers up and while there are some minor issues, I think that with some firmware updates it is going to work really well. I have updated it twice now, very responsive support team, and the issue with WiFi seems to be fixed. Need to fix the orientation sensor next.
    You need to remember what this is, a color e-reader at a great price. I got mine for $125. If your expecting an IPAD your not going to be happy. If you look at it compared to a NOOK it looks GREAT!

  • snofly

    I just bought one at Kohl’s and I can’t connect to the Barnes and Noble site to update my books. I keep getting a “server error” when I try. Also, says it is not connected to a network but when I go into settings it shows that it is connected to my secure wireless home network.

  • Iloveladybugs

    Don’t feel like the lone ranger, mine is doing the same thing! It will drive you crazy! Why they can’t get the bugs worked out before they sell the units is beyond me! And I wish they would have left the color in the newest e-reader too. Black and white gets boring after a while!

  • Nadia

    OMG!! I recently purchased a nook from best buy and found it to work well for the most part, however, began to have problems shutting off. The wi-fi connected well and I was able to download books from barnes and noble without a problem. Because of the shut off problem, I decided to try the Pandigital Novel. Well, it may look nice, but it sure is a headache!! I have been attempting to set the time zones, download books and read the tutorial for 24hrs. and it still isn’t working. Because of the beauty of it’s color screen, I attempting to be patient to get it started. If I have no luck by tonight, I will return it for the simple black and white nook. They do have a nook that is 3G that will download books anywhere without wi-fi. I think that would be great. Think twice before buying this looker the PANDIGITAL NOVEL. It doesn’t work !!!

  • Vanessa

    I’m also having difficulty login onto Barnes & Noble. I read the guide over and over and can’t seem to connect. It will just give me a message “Login Failed”. I’ve tried my password on my home PC, it works fine… for whatever reason I cannot log onto my BN account and download my books. Can anyone help??

  • Bsar4713

    I brought mine on black friday from Kohls. I really liked it at first, though the log on was slow. However, yesterday morning, it just stopping working! I tried everything and could not get it to work! I took mine back to Kohls yesterday. In the future, I’ll just bite the bullet and buy an IPAD or a Nook. This was a waste of money!

  • Anonymous

    Mine is a piece of junk. It wont connect to the server even though It says and shows I have an “excellent” WiFi connection. I’ve downloaded the firmware update, did a hard re-boot, manually entered my WEP SECURED WiFi address…… but still says all the web pages I’ve tried are Unavailable and to check my connection. So I give up. I bought this via QVC— their special 4gb 7″ Novel in black for $225. It’s goin back MONDAY. It’s USELESS if I cant connect to download books, get email or browse.

  • princesscut

    i just ordered one also and it started up fine but as soon as i hooked it to the computer to download a book, the whole thing shut down. It’s been about three hours and it still wont cut back on. Its like its dead or something. Only had it for 2 days. I also bought mine from QVC. Its going back Monday also. Im so disappointed.

  • eve

    My pandigital E-reader just stoped and froze i dont know what to do i tried to turn it off and every thing but it wont do anything

  • Mau

    I purchased the Pandigital e-ereader and it has been the worst purchase of my life. The touchscreen is slow and very unresponsive to the touch. The wifi connection is horrendous for this unit, because you have to stay within a 10 foot range for the unit to keep a descent connection. The worst part of the entire experience with the Pandigital unit was wasting my time searching the internet for some helpful information on the Novel. I’ve yet to find a blog or comment recommending this horrible piece of equipment.

  • Phoebelion

    Got one for Christmas. Have spent hours every day since then trying to get the darn thing to work. The website is always overloaded so can’t get on – spent 1 1/2 hours on phone yesterday and customer service never picked up. Tried returning last night – was told I was nuts. Exchanges only. After trying again for 4 hours last night, spoke to Manager. Was very upset – they are refunding all $ (wanted 15% restocking charge last night). Total waste of money unless you want an expensive brick to hold door open during the summer.

  • Izofblu

    I got one for Christmas and immediately fell in love with it. This morning it just stopped working. My husband took it back to the store where he purchased it and the lady in customer service took it out of the box, pulled out a paper clip and pushed the reset button (which I didn’t know existed). Voilà, it works again! Maybe I should take the time and read all of the instructions. LOL

  • Karen

    Gave to husband for Xmas. Have not been able to connect to wifi. Each time Customer Service has told me several different things. I have downloaded the Firmware upgrade to no avail. I have called my wifi provider. The last thing I was told a few minutes ago was that a Technical Support person would call me within 3-5 business days.THATS IT!!!! Back in the box with a nasty letter to Amazon for selling that piece of crap an a letter to the CEO of Pandigital. Tell your friends to RUN FROM THIS PRODUCT!

  • Fernnypie

    Same here…bought myself a real headache for Xmas..no problem with downloading purchased books from BN…or acessing QVC..but email and everything else it promises..go fish! Snail slow..can’t even use it while pluged into my PC! Something about a missing Android driver! Contacted their support and I had to wait 20 minutes for them to tell me someone will get back to me in 5to6 days! THEY WILL GET BACK TO THE BOX!!

  • Droger444

    this is the worst reader i have ever seem it say you can do video on web page mine it will not play even have hard time trying to get books from goggles is there something i am doing wrong r this just a joke for a reader

  • TexasTransplant

    I too am trying to be patient but it is wearing very thin. I have reconfigured my router, downloaded upgrades, talked with India, California, Pandigital, Barnes & Nobles and I still cannot download the book that I purchased. I can hook it up to my PC and see that it is in the device memory but cannot get it to show up in my Library. I was able to download the three free novels from B & N so now can read Little Women, etc. but I would like to read the book that I purchased. I have devoted many hours at many locations. I think my next location is to take it back to Best Buy. I’ve now been on hold with BN for 35 minutes and no response but at least I’m not talking with “Peggy” with India, again. Talk about frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHH

  • Callieg316

    I am so glad I found this page, I really wanted this ereader. Now I will look at something else. Thanks for your honesty.

  • Tblair

    Mine was having trouble connecting, then I took it out to connect to wifi at McDonalds, came back home and it connected. I don’t know what happened, I didn’t do anything different, but it worked. It did everything right after that.

  • Erica

    I have the same problem. I called b&n and they couldn’t help me, it’s so frustrating.

  • Wuchester


  • babs

    I got my pandigital reader 3 days ago and it said when i hooked up to my pc i needed a device driver. does one come with it or not.

  • Mirjamwoodburn

    my pandigital is frozen in pandigital options with only 2 options silent mode sound on or off and power off I am unable to shut it down completely!

  • Kristincrussell

    I actually like minie. But I didn’t realize that BN charges monthly fees for the books!!

  • Kristincrussell

    I do like mine. I love it in fact. What I didn’t realize and am going to call about today is BN seems to charge monthly fees for books. I haven’t bought anything recently and I have new charges as of yesterday!!! So what’s up with that???

  • bronzeart

    Download the new firmware, and that will fix most everything. I got one for Christmas, and if I had the receipt I would have returned it… no wifi, sloooow, etc. The new patch off the pandigital website solved everything for me. It also has instructions on how to hack the OS into a fully functional android platform for those that want to turn their ebook into a tablet…. Slatedroid.com has more detailed instructions, but they are too technical for me.

  • RO

    The only reason B&N should charge a monthly fee is for a electronic magazine subscription that you requested (whether on purpose or by accidental “button pushing” – still it should have taken several steps).

    eBooks are sold for a one-time charge – you have to make the e-payment with a credit card you register with B&N for your account with them. Then you are allowed to download it to any capable ereader that you set up to have access to your B&N account such as the PDN, Nook, or any other Android device with the Nook app.

    You better find out what those charges are.

  • Michelle Menzies

    I just purchased my e-reader and I’ve not had any problems connecting to Wifi at all. The response time may be a half second slower than I’d like it, but that really doesn’t bother me. I only paid $130 for mine and I think it was a great bargain.

  • Logan1944

    I got my Pandigital for Christmas. It started out wonderful. I was able to order a book from B & N and actually read it. Yesterday I turned the reader on and it warmed up until it gave me a message “Updating library contents, please wait”. Then it turns off and a second later in turns back on and goes through the same thing over and over again. I tried the reset button but nothing changed. I can’t turn it off so it continues to do the same thing over and over again. Sometime during the night it stopped repeating and this morning I did get the “Power Off” window and turned it off. Unfortunately tonight I turned it on thinking it was going to be ok and the same thing happened. I have my receipt and the original box and it’s going back to the store tomorrow. Makes me mad to buy something that needs a lot of perfection. Good idea, Bad workmanship.

  • Nobody

    I bought mine from a private seller on Craigslist. First thing, I went to the Pandigital website and installed the latest firmware. I was expecting an e-reader, ended up with an Android 2.0 tablet. The folks who are having problems with them remind me of the old story about tech support:

    “Hello. Tech support. May I help you?”
    “Hi, my computer isn’t working.”
    “What seems to be the problem?”
    “When I type, nothing shows up on the screen.”
    “OK, let’s try a few things. Can you move the mouse and see the pointer on the screen?”
    “Alright, can you see ANYTHING on the screen?”
    “Ok, tell me if the power light on the monitor is on.”
    “Let’s check the cables. Look in the back of the monitor and tell me if the thick cable, the power cord, is loose.”
    “I can’t see it.”
    “Ummm… There are 2 cables in the back of the monitor. One is the power cable, and the other is the video cable. The power cable is usually the thicker one.”
    “I really mean I CAN’T SEE IT!”
    “That’s odd. Why can’t you see it?”
    “We had a power failure in the office. The room’s dark.”
    “OK. Do you still have the boxes that your computer and monitor came in?”
    “Can you go get them?”
    “I think they’re in storage.”
    “That’s OK. I’ll wait.”
    “Why do you want to know if I still have the boxes?”
    “Because I want you to pack up the computer and monitor, hand write a note, and send everything back to the folks you bought them from.”
    “What should I write on the note?”
    “Be sure to write it with a permanent marker, and tape it on the outside of the biggest box. Write this: ‘I’m sending my system back to you, because I’m TOO FRICKIN’ STUPID TO OWN A COMPUTER!!!!!!”

    That’s pretty much the problem with the folks who complained about their Novel.

  • Barbara Mackenzie

    can,t find a wifi network or wifi ssid number

  • Jennie

    So I am about to go crazy with my pandigital…I am having horrible problems trying to log in to my B&N account. I go to the B&N icon and go to sign in, but when I sign in it keeps saying it is having problems with my wifi connection, and try again later, but yet I can browse on the internet and do anything else with it. I have been back and forth with both pandigital and with b&n and I am at my wits end. Weird thing is, I can anywhere online, but B&N website will not load…anyways, I have updated the pandigital, I have tried turning the wifi off and on, I have tried several other locations with wifi, with the same problem. I got it to work once, when I changed the time and date, but then I accidentally signed out and when I tried to sign back into my account, it started giving me the same message. Does anyone have any advice?? I have rebooted it, I have cleared data on the B&N under the manage applications field…I just don’t know what to do any more. Any ideas would be appreciated….I am about to return it and get another e-reader, but I would prefer to get this fixed…

  • buttons369

    I am having the same problem where did you download the firmware at the pandigital site.

  • Wrinkles521

    It’s been driving me nuts too but I think when you changed the time and date, it deleted your b&n user ID and password. those have to be saved into your pdn in order to download books. Go back into settings (where you changed the date and time) and save your b&n user ID and password into the device and then try to “get books”. It should connect…

  • Csbyoung

    I had purchased books from KoBo and after I did the firmware update, KoBo was gone and B&N was in it’s place, but it does not recognize the books. It said I had to download Adobe Digital Edtition as a converter. I did that, but I can get it to work. Any ideas?

  • goldnuggets

    Poor mans ipad?  ROFL!  Apple is an over rated company.  Most of the complaints for this reader come from snobby, insecure ipad owners.  I have this and the wifi works great.  Also it’s true it’s not the fastest, but it’s fast enough.  First off, the What most people don’t understand is that there are a couple of tricks to using it.  Once you get used to it, the pages turn just fine for reading ebooks.  However if you are a dope and want to spend $500 instead $160, be my guest.  I’m not claiming it’s perfect, and it takes a little patience, but after that initial getting used to period, I can read my books just fine.  It also plays music and videos I put on my 8GB removable card.  Try that on an ipad.  Nope, Apple doesn’t have that from what I’ve heard.  They restrict you.  You apple users who buy imacs are aslo just as dumb.  Thank goodness you are outnumbered.  I can render video or produce music in my studio far faster than on a slow, outdated imac.  I got an i7 based system over a year before apple brought that out for $2000.  Mine cost $730, and no complaints.  So, do you have a brain?  Can think for your self?  Are patient and can put up with it not being 100% perfect, but pretty good?  Maybe the pan digital is for you.  If you are not any of these, get an ipad. apple will love you for throwing your hard earned cash their way.

  • goldnuggets

    you must be fully connected to wifi first.  And that could be a problem with your router or it’s settings.  Once you get that, it should work.  If you can’t get it to work, buy a new router, perhaps a linksys. 

  • goldnuggets

    Well if you can’t figure that out, an ipad won’t help you either.  IT means you don’t know what you’re doing.  If your house has a wifi network, set up the password and you are good to go.

  • goldennuggets

    There is no such thing as a wifi provider!  Usually you pay an ISP for
    internet service.  Then you put a wireless router in your home to
    connect to your ISP (about $79 for the box).   Once that works, set up a
    password.  Then when you are sure you have wifi, your pan digital will
    connect wireless.  It can’t do it in thin air without a wireless router.

  • MizzCathe

    My GrandDaughter got this pandigital e reader for her B-Day and I loved hers so much I had to have one too.I’ve had it exactly a month and half and it all the sudden just stopped working.Won’t power on.No green/red light.Nothing.And I bought mine @ToysR Us so who knows if they’ll exchange after 30 days.Perhaps you could enlighten me on what might be wrong with a month and half reader owned by an adult.Hasn’t been dropped or misused in any way!

  • Kenyon Farrow

    My main problem is not the wi-fi connection, but recently the thing has starting freezing after I have been reading it for a while (even if the battery is fully charged). The pages stop turning, and I have to turn it off and restart it, and then in after a little while, it does it all over again.

  • Shaymo13329

    Can I download books from the kindle store?  I want the Harry Potter books but B&N doesn’t seem to offer them.

  • MizzCathe

    Your time has to match up exactly with your B&N time.ie same time zone etc.Once you get that and your updates it should work.

  • MizzCathe

    All it took was a simple paper clip to fix my problem.I had it all boxed up ready to exchange and thought to hit the reset.I lost no data and now it’s working perfectly.

  • ahthshch

    I was having the same exact problem and did what you said and fixed my date and time and it updated no problem!  Thanks!

  • Stwebster

    My ereader froze up in the middle of reading.  It would not power off so I tried to reset it. Now, the ereader will not power back on. Any suggestions?

  • Roybigb

    Ggot one for xmas 3 weeks later screen cracked (did not drop) PANDIGITAL WOULD NOT TAKE IT BACK. But best buy finaly after 4 phone calls took it back under the 1 months purchase  return policy as a xmas gift . 3 months ago i then got the android one, May have used it 6 times since . went to use it yesterday taped on the google icon sreenand it  craked . 2 items same problem  please reply all who have craked screen and did not drop pandigatal says they never get calls about cracked screens that were not droped

  • Jfland2233

    Roy–I had the same problem with my Novel.  Two “spider-web” cracks appeared suddenly on the screen (originating from the power button area) after I had my Novel for about a month.  In reading several other blogs, it appears as though this is a known problem, yet Pandigital refuses to do anything about it.  I tried five times to get in touch with tech support and when I finally did, they basically told me that I was out of luck.  I am considering gathering a group of simularly situated folks and initiating a class-action suit against Pandigital for selling such crap and not providing a resolution to known quality issues.  Any interest in being involved in litigation against them?

  • Jberholtz


  • jb

    the problem is that no matter where I go, the wireless doesnt work. And my wireless router works for all the laptops and computers in my house. I have also tried it at work, where there are more then 10 computers, and even with the correct password it still wont connect. you seem to know a lot about the pandigital so any suggestions?

  • The Pandigital has problems connecting to encrypted networks. I would recommend disabling any kind of passwords on your home network and see if that fixes  your problem

  • Edens801

    it can also be as simple as someone has turned off the wi-fi button on the top of the unit.  that happened with my and i was searching all over to find out what happened.  it was a simple fix now that i know.

  • Edens801

    Need some help with my pandigital.  I downloaded the office suite to my storage locker so i could open excel spreadsheets for work on the go.  But now, i can’t login to my storage locker even though i know the password and username are correct.  I have emailed them but haven;t gotten a response.  Any ideas? 

  • Gloria Pineda

    where is the reset button you hit with a paperclip?

  • Gloria Pineda

    I do have a linksys and it connected to all other gadgets i have (old and new) yet my pandigital won’t connect to the WiFi keeps replying “connection unsuccessful”

  • Carol O

    I also have problems connecting to my home linksys wireless-G network.  Have tried going without a password for the router, but it doesn’t work.  It will connect to unsecured nearby networks and it does work at bookstores and other wifi hotspots, as well as with the password at my daughter’s house.  Have ordered a new router – hope that works.


  • Je09573

    Thank you! That totally fixed it! If you get a message that reads ‘Wi Fi connected but can not connect to BN server” Try MizzCathe’s sugestion and check that your time and date is right in your settings.

  • David-G

    Did you connect your pandigital to your Wifi? I’m having the same issue as you, it just comes back as “connection unsuccessful”p;ease!! tell me what you did to fix this problem…thanx

  • LisaM.

    I recently bought the black 7″ color Multimedia ereader with the Android system.  I like it for the most part except for when trying to upload/update the damnable firmware that is supposed to be done when you first charge it.  The Wi-Fi set up was easy once we got one from our cable company but what’s frustrating is that I can’t open this ‘supposed’ downloaded file for the novel.  Emailing pandigital doesn’t do squat and I’m ready to toss this thing into the garbage.  Any help is appreciated!

  • Joewheeler

    my pandigital novel does not see the  ip address, help?

  • WhoThinksKarenIsADirtyWhore?

    I highly doubt the CEO of Pandigital gives two craps about you. Why don’t you stop being a hooker and relax? Pandigital just came out with a solution:  To correct this issue we recommend re-installing the firmware for your SuperNova Deluxe from the micro SD card.  Please follow the steps below to download the firmware file and re-install it to the device:
    1. Insert the micro SD into an adapter and connect that to the PC.  2. Open your browser of choice and direct it to http://www.pandigital.net/android3. Select “Click Here” to run PC 4. Application 5. If you are using Windows Vista, please select save from the pop up window. All other Windows operating systems should select to run the program.6. A second window will ask you to confirm that you would like to run the program, please select run. 7. In the PC Application select “Click here to start the process” 8. You should now get a drive letter 9. confirmation. Select the correct drive letter that corresponds to the micro SD card that you connected. 10. You should then get an error message that no serial number could be found. 11. Click ok.When you are prompted to search for updates, please select to search by model number.12. Please select R80B455 from the drop down menu.13. To ensure that your SuperNova Deluxe is updated with the correct firmware please make sure the available update is listed as: IR80_S_W_A_A_11162011.zipOnce completed, disconnect the SD from your PC. 14. Power off your device and insert the micro SD into the unitPower on the device by holding the volume + key and the power key simultaneously for 5 seconds. You will then get a screen that confirms the installation; this will apply the update to your device.  If this does not begin automatically and you instead get a recovery menu please select apply SD card update.

  • Renaefoley

    My grandma got it for me for x-mas and I wanted an iPad so she got me this cause it was not as expensive. I got it hoping for games, same as her, and instead it ended up being a book!!! I hate books! How do I download games??????

  • Ldeas1975

    you have to apply a firmware update for them to connect to the internet.  go to http://www.pandigital.net/android  hope that works, that is what pandigital told me.  I am still trying to download the update, they said there are a lot of people trying to get this update right now due to no connectivity to wifi with the pandigital supernova dlx tablet.  Hope this helps

  • Krosal03

    do you have any idea why it doesnt want to turn on and just stay in the blue screen from the begging ?

  • Bry

    The eReader is one of the easiest things to use. It may be cheaper than an iPad, but it works just as well. I agree, the Apple Company is over rated. But the eReader is more affordable. So why wouldn’t people buy it instead of the iPad? It may be a bit defective, but as long as it does its job. I think I’ve proved my point.

  • dc

    i can not download anything own mine . anyone else out there have or had this problem .help!

  • Rvtingrose

    Pandigital ereader will not boot up. It turns on but only goes to  a gray page with Pandigital on the top of the screen and a tracking bar underneath the word which loks like it is trying to connect somewhere but doesn’t.

  • Bshinholster3

    Where is the reset button? Can’t find and extra place other than the ear phone plug and the charger. Where is it?

  • ziane

    I rcieved this e-reader for xmas and it has been a problem since then.
    I can not turn it off now  and it is frozen also.

  • Roybigb

    does somthing work great when omly 2 months old and screen crackes when u touch it and are told by co that we never hadthis problem before and we will not replace it . p s also the the plastic wasn still on it only used four times

  • Riverrunner3596

    i lost my charger is their another way i can charge it without purchasing another charger?

  • Kim marie spencer

    mine did the same thing and my computergeek just put a paperclip into the reset whole and iy started right up again

  • Neiderhiser

    I just bought the Pandigitial Novel 9 inch.  workied fine for a few days now this is the message I get and it won’t let me do anything.  I have to hold the power button down just to get it to shut down:
    The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly.
    Can anyone tell me how to fix it this problem. I did contanct pandigital and he took me to hold the power on and volume button down for 10 seconds and it would reboot.  NOT

  • Dlhnurse

    This is my second pandigital. After complaining so bad about the first one, they sent me out a second one. Now the second one won’t power on. However, thanks to the comments below, I put a paper clip in the reset button and it turned right on. Pandigital customer service sucks and they offer NO HELP! I will NEVER buy another product again. 

  • Virginia

    I can not get into my bn account.  It says to check my internet connection.  My wifi says I’m connected. Can anyone help?

  • Rich

    Thank you I have reading garbage for an hour, on what to do, your reset solution was great, i wonder why it is a hidden solution. I actually thought it was a mic, until I read you fix, Good job.

  • Ronnie

    room mate just got this and for some reason when i scan for wifi networks mine does NOT show up..no its not hidden,i forgot the network on my android phone then rescanned and there it was,tried the same with the laptop and the wifi was there to connect to but it doesnt show up on the pandigitals list when i scan for some reason.I live in an apartment building and many other networks pop up but no tmine..even when im sitting a foot away from my router with the reader in hand

  • Avis

    I have a Pandigital Novel 6 ereader and every time I charge the battery using the USB cable the ereader becomes de-authorized and any books installed are deleted. This happens every single time. Is there some way of avoiding this from happening? I’m really sorry I bought the Pandigital, I guess you get what you pay for. I had a Nook before and never encountered so many problems as with the Pandigital.

  • Anil kumar

    nice post…… computer trick

  • I see all your comments are at least 2 years and older. A few months ago I brought the pandigital 7″ multimedia tablet and color eReader. It worked fine, back then; however, as of last night (12/28/2014), I cannot get access, I am struck in an error message that reads, “no word selected.” When I ok, hoping this will correct the problem, nothing happens. After what seems like forever, it automatically goes to the power off screen. When I try to power off by hitting ok, it goes to the cancel button, which takes me back to the “no word selection screen.” I have been trying to contact Customer Services all day to get some support with no luck. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share because I am in the middle of a downloaded book that I am hoping to finish.

  • Pandigital went bankrupt, likely they have no customer support.

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