Review of the Barnes and Noble Nook Wi-Fi

nook wifi review

In our latest Good e-Reader Video Review, we take a look at the new Barnes and Noble Nook WIFI!

The Barnes and Noble Nook WI-FI is the latest offering from B&N and follows up to their highest successful Nook 3G e-reader.

The Nook Wireless allows you to buy a high quality e-reader, at a low price! It allows you to use ‘Lendme’ technology to share ebooks with your family and friends. You can play games and surf the internet on it.

The Nook WIFI is Google Android 1.4 based, so more applications are expected to come in the future. For ebooks it reads PDF, PDB, and ePUB formats. You can make your purchases from the Store Application that is on the Nook, that connects you with the Barnes and Noble site. You can also load ebooks onto it manually from other sites by copying them to your Documents folder on your Nook.

The Screen resolution is 800×600 pixels and contains an 6 inch screen that displays e-Ink and a 480 x 144 Color control display. You can navigate page turns, browse menus and configure your options via touchscreen.

To purchase the Barnes and Noble Nook WIFI click HERE. All e-readers from Shop e-Readers gets you 100 free ebooks in ePub format and a Free DVD Video Tutorial on how to use your Nook.

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  • bk

    I reviewed and tried a lot of ereaders and found the best one on the market today to be the NOOK from barns and Noble. I would not hesitate in purchasing another one, and will as they have now come out with a full color one..