SmartDevices SmartQ R7 Colour E-book Reader

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A new Electronic Reader has just come out by a company named SmartDevices. It features a Ubuntu Linux operating system and a seven inch full color display SVGA touchscreen LCD! It has a resolution of 800×600 Pixels and has an ARM 11 Processor. The processor is around 600 MHZ and has 256 MB of DDR 2 memory.

You can also surf the internet on this little device, with WI-FI or 3G! You can watch video and listen to music as well. If you are looking to watch video it has a great Multi-Media player that reads AVI, XVID, MOV, TS, MPEG and will give you sweet 1080P HD quality.

This device is being marketed as a E-Book and E-Magazine E-Reader and reads a ton of different popular formats, such as; PDF, EPUB, TXT, HTML, RTF and more. It has 2 GB of internal storage for your books and can support up to 32 GB via SD Card.

Not only is this device a dandy little E-Reader but it also has powerful office functions to do some work while on the go. It features a AbiWord word processor, Gnumeric Spreadsheet, and a notes application. You can also take takes via the internal microphone.

We find the big thing lacking in this device is the battery life, you are limited to 8 hours of reading, or 4 hours of video and internet browsing. Also, the LCD screen is not suitable for reading during the day.

This E-Reader Retails for around 289.99 and is available at the Ownta website.

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