• can you not use the to change pages like you could on the PRS T1? and if not.. anyone JB’d it yet to do that?

  • kingkaiser

    With all due respect, was this review done while holding a store display piece for 8 seconds? Its rife with inaccuracies or poor research….the buttons marked forward and backwards strangely move to the next and previous page allowing for one hand turns. Surprised you didnt even try that intuitive move.
    The weight of the T2 is 5.9oz. The weight of the T1 was 5.9oz. How is the T2 a few ounces heavier?
    Reflow works on pdfs, and pdf support is better than most competition. reflow support is weak on graphic heavy pdfs as you rightly pointed out, but is that really surprising given that they are *graphic heavy*, as opposed to text heavy?

  • We said in our review that reflow and pdfs look good on text heavy stuff like newspapers, but if you load in comic books, manga or other stuff, its POOR! Also, you can’t easily turn pages with one hand, you have to hold the device in an awkward way to turn pages. holding the unit with one hand, makes this near impossible to do.

  • Ireneba

    I have no problem turning pages with one hand since you can choose turning pages from right to left or the other way. Very easy!!

  • wp

    1) Evernote is not a social network. And there are tons of users, especially in education.
    2) T2 is referred to as T1 in conclusion.
    3) Somewhere in the post, “has” should be “as.”

  • Anthony Asbury

    I too am baffled by the “lack of manual page turn” sentence. The reviewer says there are none and then describes two. As far as I can see this uses the same swipe gestures and page buttons on my (much heavier) 650. Both of which I can do with one hand.

    What are these if not “manual page turns”. Can the reviewer please explain how he want to tun pages with his hand but without touching the screen or a button? The only thing I can think of is the ‘tipping’ motion used by some smart-phones that have an accelerometer.

  • Irene

    And what do you mean by “Incompatible with Sony PRS-T1 accessories”?!! 
    I use the cover and wall charger from the PRS T1 and they work perfect with the PRS T2.

  • really poor photos, but the video makes up for it. 🙂

  • Too bad goodereader seems biased against Sony Readers. They always make it sound as if Sony copied Kobo and Nook with the infrared touch screen…when Sony had it available A FULL YEAR before the others. Same with the Pearl e-ink display. Sony had it first. And the lack of manual page turns? WTF are they talking about???

    I like this blog, but it does seem biased toward the big 3 ereaders, and any obscure device which comes along.

    I wish there was a place to find a more thorough review of the Sony PRS-T2, rather than this superficial and careless one, so I can decide whether to replace my PRS-650. There are no shops within 5000 miles of where I live which stock them.

  • Judy

    I have no problem turning the pages with one hand, either with the backward and forward buttons; a small gentle swipe of the thumb will more than suffice.

  • Peter

    What bad review…
    I had a kobo and return to my prs t2.
    Much better to scanned cientific books

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