The Irex Iliad Electronic Reader 800SG

A recent launch of iRex iLiad electronic reader 800 SG is targeted at seizing some of Amazon’s boom. Can it compete with Kindle and get ahead? Well, this is exactly what this review of the iRex ILiad aims to find out.

At the moment, it appears that the market leader, Kindle is taken head on aggressively by the big e-book reader manufacturers by contending on hardware specifications along with after sales services of equal measure. Though iLiad is unique in some respects in comparison to Kindle 2 e-book reader, it is similar in 3G connectivity, in built eStore and best selling titles at fewer than ten bucks.

It’s screen size stands at 8 inches, which is a clear 2 inches more than that of the Kindle. It uses touch screen technology with touch screen interface and stylus to access the devices’ navigation, practically getting rid of the unsightly qwerty keyboard Amazon use on their Kindle model.

A great advantage with the 800SG is that it is easier to download free content to flip through on your digital e-book reader and purchase your choice of content from multiple source through iLiad as it support ePub, which is supposedly talk of the industry currently. And who knows, it might well turn out to be an industry standard format. Positioning itself technically different from Kindle, IRex have chosen to go the open standard route again and its 800 SG supports a large number of D.R.M protected file formats.

From a strategic point of view, Irex joint venture with the book store Barnes and Noble gives its users quick access to 750k online book titles, which can be downloaded on to the device at an unbelievable less than a minute through the Verizon wireless 3G (broadband) network, the invoice for which is to be picked up by iRex in much the same way as Amazon do. Purchasing outside of the Barnes and Noble web store has to be accomplished through a computer or laptop connection due to absence of on board web browser.

In the 800 GS model, any content having rich graphics is easily read and is undoubtedly the best graphic reader due to its adjustable font features and usage in both portrait and landscape orientation. A partnership going ahead with Newspaper Direct makes it a user’s choice for downloading newspaper and magazine digital content on to the device’s 2 GB of in built memory.

The 800 GS distribution executed by Qualcomm and Gobi communication module included in the reader enhances its usage any where in the world similar to latest Kindle-the International. At a price point of around $400, it is currently available to purchase through US electronic Best Buy stores and by Spring 2010, it is most likely available to buy in European markets too. It is also likely that the much prized color screen e-book reader will be launched some time in the winter of 2010 or spring of 2011.

The new iRex iLiad electronic reader has successfully filled the gap of customer’s expectations and what users have requested on other iRex iLiad review sites over the past couple of years. Last but not the least, no proprietary file formats to bind you to where you purchase your e-books from, a large screen to hold a good volume of text in either mode. All included in an e-book reader that appears well crafted and built, includes the latest screen technology and above all, is affordable.

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  • Penfellow

    “A recent launch of iRex iLiad electronic reader 800 SG is targeted at seizing some of Amazon’s boom”
    Just to note, Irex has been in the E-Reader business for far longer than Amazon with it's Iliad line readers. Also to note, the DR800SG is not part of their Iliad line of E-Readers.