The Kindle can now read comics as well

Kindle can now read comics

Here is something that will put the Kindle in the same league as the iPad. Its true both the devices are as diverse as chalk is from cheese. Sure the iPad can also be an e-reader though its e-book reading credentials is just one of the many things that the tablet PC is capable of. The Kindle, on the other hand is purely an e-reader and every bit of the e-reader is optimized for a superior e-reading experience.

Still, the Kindle was not without its limitations as an e-reader (the iPad too is not without faults) and was never known to be able to read comics, something that the iPad was able to by way of a plethora of comic reading apps while its color screen too acted as a boon.

But not any more, thanks to an open-source software tool Mangle. Which means, the black and white comics like the Scott Pilgrim series along with most other Manga work is now Kindle ready.

Created by FooSoft’s Alex Yatsov, the Mangle is a cross between the Manga and the Kindle with Manga contributing ‘Mang’ and Kindle adding the ‘le’ to it to give rise to Mangle and is excellent in rendering comic images on to the Kindle in the right order and allignment.

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