• Caroline Plourde

    There also a shortage for the sleepCover.
    At my Indigo they have Kobo Aura ONE but they never receive the SleepCover.
    For the first times yesterday, I had the possibility to buy one on there site, before that I was not possible.

  • Ryan Zetlin

    In the short term, it is a good sign that the Aura One is sold out because it shows there is a high demand for larger eReaders. I hope the market will produce different eReader form factors rather than the typical 6″ size. Though Kobo has to get more shipment out or else customers will become frustrated from the lack of supply. Does Kobo have enough stock for Aura One eReaders for Indigo and Best Buy stores?

  • Kobo told me that that Indigo/Chapters Bookstores and their main kobo.com website won’t have any new models available until September 23rd. Some bookstores will have existing stock, but most are sold out. It is very likely that Kobo is getting thousands of new units from their supplier to furnish Best Buy and restock Indigo.

  • moore kom


    Will the Aura one be available in the US Bestbuy too or is that only for Canada? I contacted Kobo CS and they emailed me that they will be available in the US affiliate stores such as best buy at the end of the month, but I don’t see best buy listed for US in their site. Just wanted to check with someone who has knowledge on Kobo. This might have been just wrong info from the Kobo CS but I wanted to know if there are any stores in the US where I can purchase the aura except for a few indie stores?


    I am fortunate: my prefered computer parts shop has the One in stock, as well as the french Amazon competitor, FNAC. Welcome in France!!

  • Caroline Plourde

    Have you try to see if the Kobo site, ship in the US : kobobooks.com. I think I read in some blog that people from USA buy directly from the website and because the price is in Canadian dollar, it’s work great for US customer.

  • Frederic Vandaele

    I got the last one in stock at the FNAC shop Belgium yesterday! They confirm that they received very few Aura One for the moment … Covers are not yet available.

  • Robert

    The Kobo Aura One is very close to iPad Mini dimensions. It won’t fit properly into snap-on, folio-style Mini cases but I bought a heavy felt & leather iPad Mini sleeve that fits my Aura One perfectly.

  • Isaiah Edwards

    Good thing I pre ordered mine or I might not have it!

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