Wexler Flex One Unboxing Review

The first e-reader in the world to use the new LG Flexible e-Paper is finally here! Introducing the Wexler Flex One! This new e-reader has a six inch display with a resolution of 1024×768, and it makes comic books and manga look really good. The main draw on this new e-reader is the fact that it bends, which should protect the device in the event that it is dropped.

In this unboxing review, we show you everything that comes in the box and we turn it on for the very first time. The UI is completely in Russian, but after the review we found out how to turn the English language feature on.

One of the killer aspects of this device is the sheer amount of augmentation that is at your disposal for the ebook experience. You have eight different fonts to choose from and can increase the font size on the fly. If you want to adjust your line-spacing and margins, this gives you massive freedom to do so.

Stay tuned for our full hands on review of this device and future videos, where we compare it against some of the other e-readers on the market.

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    hi Michael, how much does it costs?