Kobo Arc and Barnes and Noble Nook HD Comparison

The Barnes and Noble Nook HD and Kobo Arc are two of the latest generation tablets to hit the market in the last few weeks. As we look towards the holidays and consider gifts for our loved ones, you might consider either of these two devices. The purpose of this comparison is to show you the main differences between the two, to give you a sense on how they perform in real world conditions.

During the comparison, we focus exclusively on the reading experience. Barnes and Noble and Kobo both bill these tablets as e-readers. They both offer a wide array of content to really make magazines, newspapers, comics, kids books, and cookbooks shine.

Michael Kozlowski (5138 Posts)

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  • Lkelton

    Thank you guys, I am from Australia and your comparisons on these two products in relation to overseas use was very helpful.
    keep on informing us.

    Kind regards,
    Lillian Kelton

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.ocallaghan.771 Sean O’Callaghan

    Hi Guys,
    Great video, thanks for the comparison, so detailed and is helping me in making a final decision. I am in Canada (Toronto), I am interested in purchasing a NOOK, but wondered can I download books and magazines and videos here in Canada? I do have a billing address in the US so I can use that as my billing address, but wondering if I could actually open them on a Nook device from Canada? Also with a Nook device can you use it to download books from kobo’s store? I know you touched on this briefly at the end, but any advice would be great. I do like the features of the arc, but like that scrapbook feature as well and the magazine layout a little better on the nook. Even the newspaper layout is different, but easier to read then a traditional newspaper, so I am considering this as an option. Any final words on using a nook in canada would help greatly, thx. Sean from Toronto