Microsoft Surface VS. Apple iPad 3

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Comparison! Due to popular demand we have a great comparison between the Apple iPad with Retina Display and the Microsoft Surface tablet! We mainly are evaluating the reading experience with the myriad of apps available on both devices. Both of these tablets bring something entirely unique to the table in the operating systems and the apps that are available. We check out the Kobo and Kindle apps and show you how they function across platforms. Finally, we show you Zinio and how magazines look on both of these giant screens. This should give you a sense of how both perform as your dedicated e-reader.

Michael Kozlowski (5207 Posts)

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  • Ezrani

    You did a fair comparison, although at a certain point it’s comparing apples to oranges. I tend to favor the Microsoft tablet and could see myself getting the pro version to install real window programs. Thus you have a tablet with a PC functionality.

  • Raph Cucullat

    i have an ipad 3 and i like it but it seems that from your comments in comparing the surface from ipad, it seems that you are bias and maybe had been paid or under the payroll of apple. that is just my opinion

  • Dasmine Reader

    Why didn’t you show the portrait mode for comics, especially as you already mentioned it would be better in portrait?