Top 5 New Anime – April 2015


It is now finally the start of the Spring season and while many of us are looking forward to the fine weather and spring cleaning, others are looking forward to what popular shows this season has to offer! Today's list will talk about the top 5 most anticipated and talked about animes that are … [Read more...]

Vampire Holmes Available on Viewster

vampire holmes

If you've been looking for a place to watch the anime Vampire Holmes, look no further. Video streaming site Viewster has announced they'll be adding the anime to their list. Vampire Holmes is based off of a smartphone game of the same name. In the game you play as an assistant to the detective … [Read more...]

GoodReads Testing Sponsored Books


GoodReads started testing sponsored books in different areas on the site—you might have seen the sponsored book at the top of the recommendations page recently. In the near future these will be available to all users and there is no way to turn them off. The only option you will have is to flag a … [Read more...]

Taking Care of Your NOOK


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is a tablet geared towards reading and it’s the first time Barnes and Noble outsourced the hardware design to another company.  The end result is a Samsung branded tablet coinciding with the Nook ecosystem.  A new device comes with a host of potential problems and it’s … [Read more...]