Essential Funimation Anime


If you've just gotten a Funimation subscription, or maybe you’re mulling over the idea of acquiring one, it might be hard to decide what to watch first. Here is, in no particular order, a list of the essential Funimation anime: the ones you simply have to see. Soul Eater One of … [Read more...]

Twitter Advice for Indie Authors


Indie authors often make the cardinal sin of promoting their latest book and nothing else. Most authors see Twitter as a vehicle to drive sales to whatever new title they are hawking instead of a social media community that builds brand loyalty.The most successful authors often have a Twitter … [Read more...]

Funimation Now Available on PS4


The app ball is finally rolling for the Playstation 4! After attaining Youtube, HBO and most recently Spotify, anime fans can now get their fun filled anime thirst quenched by the new Funimation streaming service available in the PS4 app store! With a large roster of animes to choose from, the … [Read more...]

Changing Anime Trends Over Time


After taking another look at Pacific Rim and the genre that inspired it, I came to realise I hadn't seen any new mecha anime around recently. It struck me as odd, as when I was in middle school, you couldn’t turn around a corner without coming face to face with a new giant robot. Mecha, it seems, … [Read more...]

Pocketbook Touch Lux 3 Available Soon


Pocketbook has a new e-reader that they will be officially releasing in the next few weeks. It is called the Pocketbook Touch Lux 3 and the key selling point is that it employs e-ink Carta. This is the same e-paper technology that makes the Kindle Voyage so great. A German e-commerce website … [Read more...]