10 New Tablet PCs From Taiwan

People wishing to treat themselves with a Tablet PC but have not been impressed with the iPad will be spoilt for choice from now onwards as come June and we will get to see not one but at least 10 ‘iPad like devices’ at the upcoming Computex Electronics Event, so revealed an event manager of the trade show.

The 2010 edition of the Computex Taipei trade event will be held from June 1st to 5th where many companies from Taiwan would display no less than 10 devices that resemble Apple’s iPad. “All the prominent laptop computer companies will plan to display their tablet products at Computex, ” Chang Li, the deputy secretary general of the Taipei Computer Association that co-organizes the trade event, was quoted saying.

The companies though are not forthcoming in disclosing the details of make of software or chips that will eventually grace these tablets. Asustek, a Taiwan based company that manufactures laptop computers is all set to release a tablet PC in the later half of this year to overcome the challenge from iPad. Another company MSI showed a tablet computer comprising a 10-inch screen operating Google’s Android mobile application at the International Consumer Electronic Show already held in Las Vegas at the start of this year. There are other companies like Acer, Gigabyte Technology, Quanta, and Compal who will be displaying their products in the event. In the Taipei trade, Compal also showed a device, which has 7-inch screen and is based on the Android. However, what we do know is that Nvidia Tegra chips will be used in tablet PCs made by Compal and MSI.

As for MSI, they are keen to play it safe as far as marketing of their Tablet PC is concerned. “We’re waiting to see the market’s response to Apple’s iPad,” is how a senior official in the marketing department has put it. They are taking a very conservative approach and would wait and watch how users react to the Apple’s iPad as, according to MSI, the launch of any new product is always frought with risks and can cost the company heavily.

Earlier the tablet devices were released with fewer trumpets and expected to be a good device for company workers, though unfortunately it did not click with buyers. The scenario might be positive this time as Apple is confident that its new iPad with touchscreen measuring 9.7 inch and wireless web connection would be really helpful for net surfing, enjoying movies, playing games, and to read books apart from utilizing a variety of other software applications.

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