Amazon Launches New Online eBook Store for the iPad

Amazon has officially released a new ebook store for the Apple iPad that gives customers the ability to purchase books and bypass app restrictions to buy books through iTunes. The new store is online based and able to be accessed via Apple Safari, giving you the ability to download both free and paid books. When you purchase books, they are able to be read via the new Amazon Cloud Reader that was launched a few months ago. You can really tell Amazon is getting behind an extensive cloud based platform to read and buy books with many different web browsers giving users the ability to access the content with a myriad of devices.

If you have an iPad you used to be able to just download the Amazon App for iOS and purchase books directly though it. Apple then instituted new rules that demanded the removal of all in-app purchases and instead be facilitated through Apples own iTunes platform. In addition, companies had to give Apple 30% of each payment and no longer retained customer data. This is important to metrics and analytics to understand who is buying your books to help with advertising and market research.

You can check out this store on your iPad or iOS device by visiting

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