Asus ships 400,000 Transformers, sequel in the works

Which is the highest selling tablet PC after the Apple iPad? Well, there are no dearth of tablet PCs running Android with many representing some of the biggest names in the industry. But then, it was left to the Taiwan based Asus to deliver what can be termed as the first big hitting tablet after the mighty iPad in the form of the Transformer tablet PC. Not that Asus are minnows by any means but a lot of other have been trying to do which Asus has achieved with the Transformer. Sales figures aren’t quoted in millions as it usually is for the iPad but it is still is a very respectable 400,000 tablet shipped till now since the tablet first went on sale on March 25.

The figure could easily have been several hundred thousand more but for its inability to produce in enough numbers. Demand far outstripped supply for quite some time when the Transformer was launched with most stores then displaying the ‘sold out’ sign for the Transformer. Supply has since been ramped up so that things are a lot better now though there are many stores that are still forced to display the ‘sold out’ sign, something that is a clear indication of the popularity of the tablet.

Also, while still on the popularity of the Transformer, one reason that has contributed to the tablet being so sought after is its highly affordable price tag of $399. The attachable keypad dock that retails for another $150 is also equally in demand. Not just for adding to the convenience of those who have to type a lot but the keypad dock also nearly doubles the battery life to an extremely commendable 16 to 18 hours. Then the Transformer is still to be made available everywhere in the world as the tablet is available in select countries such as Australia, US, UK, Taiwan, France, Canada and Sweden.

Another interesting fact about the tablet, as digitimes points out is that the Transformer is being sold at the price at which it is being built. So while Asus isn’t making any profit by selling the Transformers, its the keypad docking station that is helping its makers add something to its bottomline.

Meanwhile, there is further news of Asus already having started developing the next generation of the Transformer that promises to be even more of a big hit. This since there are rumors of the next version to come with an NVIDIA Tegra quad-core processor. Also, it would no longer be Android Honey for the upcoming Transformer as its going to be Android Icecream Sandwich that the new Transformer will be running. No information about the expected price of the new machine though it shouldn’t be seen entering markets before October. Till then, its the current gen Transformer that we have to do with and the tablet has proved its worth in more ways than one.

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