Elonex eTouch Android tablet for just £90

This tablet may share a physical resemblance with the iPad, but thankfully (or perhaps unfortunately) the resemblance ends there and is not carried forward to the price. The Elonex eTouch tablet can be yours for just £90. That’s a whole lot cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab which seems to be in the news more for its high price tag rather than its virtues. In fact, the eTouch tablet carries the unique distinction of being the cheapest tablet running Android, beating its nearest competitors – the Next and Disgo tablets by a handsome margin of about £100.

The Elonex eTouch tablet is available in two size options – 7 and 10 inch both of which look like an iPad rip off. Price for the 7 inch tablet has been fixed at £89.99 or $145 while the 10 inch model will set one back by £149.99, which translates to around $240. You can pick up any of these at Toys R Us. However, lest you think a low price tag along with the fact that it is being sold at a toy shop makes it junk compared to its more illustrous competitors like the iPad or the Galaxy Tab, well there is a pleasant surprise for you. For the eTouch has been found to match the two on many counts.

Coming to the points where the Elonex eTouch isn’t as laggard as it might seem, the tablet is powered by a 1GHz ARM 11 processor. For reference, the iPad is built around a 1GHz Apple A4 processor while the same for the Galaxy Tab is an ARM Cortex A8 processor also having the same clock speed of 1GHz. When it’s about processor speeds, all three are pretty much on the same footing.

On the software front, the eTouch runs the Android 2.1 which is one step behind the latest now available – Android 2.2 Froyo. In the same vein, the eTouch does not have as much storage as most tablets or even many e-readers can boast of today. A 2 GB of internal storage is indeed puny by today’s standards considering that even the new Kindle has twice that to offer. The microSD card expansion option though comes as a much needed saving grace, more so considering their cheap availability.

When it comes to system memory, eTouch is way off the mark. It has only 128MB, which is just a quarter of the 512 MB that the iPad or Galaxy Tab comes with. Then the eTouch also includes features like a USB 2.0 port along with a mini USB port, a 3.5 inch audio port, microphone, stereo speaker with volume adjustment as well as a power adaptor which forms part of the package. To top it all off, the eTouch weighs just 695g.

“This is yet another new, exciting and innovative product that we are confident to bring to our sales floor. It is important that Toys ‘R’ Us inspire this young and inspirational market offering the best affordable products on the marketplace”, said Mike Coogan, marketing director at Toys ‘R’ Us of their newest addition, which many feel can well be the trump card as the shopping season picks up. Parents who can’t afford an iPad just yet won’t mind picking up one of these for their kids. Or maybe one for themselves as well.

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  • Meclark

    Bought the 10″ tablet end of October, really impressed with it. My friend has the I-pad and after playing with the e touch, could see no significant differences. Ive priced a 32gb sd card and they range from betweem £20-£50. All in all, for £149.99 you really cant go wrong considering the I touch is the same price. Totally recomend this product.

  • Traciebuchanan

    Any one know where you can buy 10 inch as toys r us – have none in stock and have not released them from the w/house but still promoting product buy now-cant get them anywhere

  • 123

    Amazon have them in stock but cheapest price for 10″ is £175.
    hope this helps Bernie

  • karen

    just got the 7 inch in toys r us just ordered mines 2 minutes ago…karen

  • Skatergirl2010

    they got them in stock now

  • Bobby Andrews

    I bought 10. They were brilliant much better than the iPad and i got it for £59.99 at Tesco

  • Eemmacarder

    I bought the 7″ one but cant get videos to play, they jump and stop its a present for my 5 year old son please could some one tell me what format I need to use ive tried a few.

  • Simon Lewis

    My son got one for christmas and has used the set unlock pattern to lock the device. Trouble is he can’t remember the combination and we haven’t a clue how to unlock it now. Technical support doesn’t open till wednesday. Can anyone help!!

  • barbara griffiths

    can someone tell me when we will b able to get farmville on 7 ins e touch really desperate also went to toys r us where i would have liked to exchange 7 ins e touch for 10 ins and pay the extra they where extremely unhelpfull and agressive why i appreciate that i couldnt find my receipt the e touch has never been used helpppppppp

  • Phopson36

    they are avi format

  • Kelly

    Absolute rubbish. I bought one at the same time as a friends younger brother and we both took it back the same day for a refund. The apps for starters were rubbish, it was ridiculously slow, and my one kept crashing. Wouldnt recommend this to anyone!

  • Keith Aldred

    I have just been given 2 used ones for my children. They are as new but out of warrantly. They were unwanted gifts. Now I see why. They are useless. I cant do anything on them. My techie front felt like throwing them through the window. Wifi is very slow and wont connect to my wifi phone. I only have a dongle which it wont accept. It cant be connect by USB to my laptop. Can anyone help.