Google Web based Android Market with pushed applications to be unveiled

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There is much anticipation regarding regarding the big Google event today where most people are agreeing that the source code for Google Honeycomb will be unveiled for all to behold. But that’s just the start. We have heard reports today that Google is working on a web version of the Google Android Market that would push downloads right to your device. Not only that, but Google is setting up to reveal Google Music, which is a cloud based solution to making your music accessible to any device from anywhere.

Many low to mid range tablet computers and PMP’s have no access to the Google Android market, this includes Archos, Colby, Notion Ink, Augen and many others. People purchase low range affordable tablets because their cheap! Without a proper way for your average customer to get applications, most end up lamenting their purchase or end up taking it back. Google’s decision to have a web based market to support all of the tablet computers with no official access will stimulate the tablet market even more so. We are personally super excited that finally people will have an easy source to get quality applications without having to rely on third party market alternatives, such as

Business Week did an interview with Google a few days ago about Google Music.  It was in this article that Android Master in-chief Andy Rubin got personally involved along with YouTube lawyer, Zahavah Levine, to acquire licenses from the four major music labels. With agreements in place and the signing of them due this Friday it looks like this new service will let users upload their music collections to Google’s servers and then synchronize them with any mobile device, according to three people familiar with Google’s plans. The offering could be unveiled as soon as next month. Representatives of the music labels with knowledge of the talks caution that no deals have been signed. As one of them says, however, Google’s music effort has more credibility now that Rubin is running it.

Suffice to say, it looks like later on today will be tremendously exciting for Android lovers worldwide.

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