Instagram Now Available for the Blackberry Z10


Instagram, the popular photo sharing service, has finally come to the Blackberry Z10 BB10 smartphones. This is the only known working copy right now and is not an official release. This is an Android conversion and is verified to work only on the Z10 and NOT the Playbook. One of the only bugs right now is that you cannot create an account, but have to log into an existing one. Obviously, with most Android conversions, it tends to glitch here and there, but this is a good day to be a loyal Blackberry User.

You can download it today from the Good e-Reader App Store HERE and you can learn how to load in your own Android apps to your Blackberry device HERE.

Michael Kozlowski (5212 Posts)

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  • Kurt Windibank

    When is NetFlix coming?

  • Good E-Reader

    I would almost say never, Netflix actually blocked all blackberry devices from even accessing their website to steam content.

  • s3eed87

    I downloaded the bar file on my z10 however when i sign in it says the version im running on is outdated please upgrade? Can anyone fix this problem? I have an instagram account and dont use a facebook account.. please help

  • temiT

    downloaded the instagram file but it keeps saying failure 810 on the installer :( what can i do is it bcos my Z10 is a stl-1???

  • rod

    how can i make remote camera shutter for android and iphone to work for blackberry z10?

  • yung

    i have failed to download instagram