Kid Friendly Leap Pad 2 Now Available

Kids (and of course parents) take note, there is a whole new tablet in the offing in the form of LeapPad 2, which promises to take things forward from its hugely successful first gen version, the LeapPad. The latest iteration marks an all round improvement over the LeapPad that was launched in 2011 and had gone on to what its makers claim as the number one tablet for kid’s entertainment and education.

The new improvements of the LeapPad 2 include a faster and better processor, 4 GB of on-board storage (which is twice that of the LeapPad), and a whole lot of fun and educational games, apps, and other content. Battery has been improved to allow for longer run times, while there is a recharger pack option as well to ensure kids all the time they want with the device.

LeapPad was one of the hottest products for kids in 2011. We took everything kids and parents loved about LeapPad and took it to a whole new level with the new LeapPad2,” said Greg Ahearn, chief marketing officer at LeapFrog.

The tablet also includes new higher resolution front and back cameras and video recorders that should provide further impetus to the creative side of the young minds. The fun does not stop there, as the Cartoon Director creativity app that comes pre-loaded on the device allows kids to make their own movies with the images they have snapped. The built-in microphone will also allow the kids to record their own voice and include their own narrative in the video to add a personal touch to it.

Apart from the Cartoon Director, other apps that the LeapPad 2 comes pre-loaded with include Pet Pad, interactive Art Studio, LeapFrog Learning Songs, along with one more app from a collection of 4 popular apps that can be downloaded free from the LeapFrog App Center.

Similarly, among the popular games that the LeapPad 2 comes loaded with include Letter Factory, Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Olivia, and CrayolaArt Adventure, all of which have been specifically designed for kids aged three to five.

No matter how advanced it is, a tablet will be of little use if there isn’t enough content available to go with the device. The new LeapPad 2 excels here as its makers have come up with enough content in the form of games, music, videos, e-books, and more to keep the kids busy with the device. All the content that is hosted at the LeapFrog App Center has also been certified by LeapPad’s own highly experienced team of experts to be perfectly safe and age appropriate.

Another prime activity included in the LeapPad 2’s content is ebook reading, and there are enough available to suit every taste and individual requirement. As per LeapPad parlance, the Ultra ebooks are interactive story books that are advanced enough to adjust automatically to the child’s own reading pace. There are three different levels that progress from the simple to more complex words and sentences as the children’s own reading abilities improve. A unique feature to look forward to is the “Learn to Read Collection of Ultra eBooks” that includes 300 keywords to help early readers in developing phonics and decoding skills, sight word recognition, and reading comprehension. What should be more appealing to the kids is that classics from Fairy Tales to Adventure Stories are part of the new series.

The LeapPad 2 also boasts of nice music playback capabilities via its own music player. Coming this fall is a new MP3 Player that will enable students to download and manage their own music files.

“The incredible new features and breadth of content available on LeapPad2 offer kids more engaging experiences than ever before. Whether a game, video, music or eBook, parents trust LeapFrog will provide their children with compelling and age-appropriate educational entertainment on the powerful and kid-tough LeapPad2,” said Greg Ahearn.

The LeapPad 2 is available in green, pink, and a special Disney Princess bundle. Prices start at $99.99 for the base version, while the special LeapPad2 Disney Princess Bundle will cost $129.99. The tablet is deemed fit for kids aged 3 to 9 years.

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  • ML

    Found this LeapPad 2 tracker.  It is very helpful tool.

  • HenryRobertson

    Leappad 2 was such a good buy for my child, i brought mine from—Green/135254,default,pd.html. They were so helpful when i was buying this, if you haven’t already brought one i would by one from your nearest store. 

  • chaminda Jayasena

    I bought a leappad 2 from BIGW Melbourne for AUS$ 176. it is a good tool for kids but for the money we pay, there is no internal battery or charger come with it. very minimum games and apps for free.