Kindle Fire 7 HD App Emulator Released

Amazon has just made the life of app develops a bit easy by announcing an app emulator that emulates its recently released 7 inch Kindle Fire HD. What this means is that developers will now be able to test their apps for the 7 inch version of the new Kindle Fire HD to ensure everything is working just the way it should. This without the developer having to procure the Kindle Fire HD device of their own. While nothing can substitute testing of the codes on an actual device, the app emulator can work just fine for those who can’t afford to buy the device.

The emulator provides an environment as near to the real device as is possible, which includes support for some of the unique abilities of the Kindle Fire ‘such as GameCircle, In-App Purchasing, and Maps’. Another advantage with the emulator is that concurrent instance of it can be run simultaneously to test various facets of the app under development, which in turn can greatly enhance turn around times. Amazon has also resorted to GPU emulation to ensure the emulator provides for a ‘smoother graphical experience and faster start-up experience’.

The official Amazon statement further revealed: “Another tip we can offer is to preview the customer experience as if the user is signed-in.  Kindle Fire HD comes to customers per-registered, and our trusted 1-Click purchase process increases purchase and download of your apps and in-apps items.  Because users of your apps will be signed in, we recommend you test the user experience as a user who is signed-in.  The Kindle Fire HD 7” emulator will not be signed-in by default.  To preview the experience of a registered user, you should navigate to Settings->My Account and then register the device with a valid Amazon account.”

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