Latest Nielsen Survey Reveals Growing Consumer Reliance on Mobile Apps


With usage of mobile connected devices such a smartphones and tablet devices growing at a feverish pace, it is but only natural for mobile apps to witness a faster rate of adoption than their web counterparts. The latest Nielsen finding corroborates the above with some hard facts showing global brands loosing grip with their web based services, only to be compensated more than enough with their mobile versions.

The findings also present an interesting scenario. For instance, Facebook, which has emerged as the most used smartphone app of 2013, witnessed a growth of 27 percent and has been listed as the number 2 web brand in the US with the number of unique visitors dropping by 16 percent. Similarly, while Google Search has been listed as the second most used smartphone app with its average unique visitors growing by 37 percent, Google tops the list of the best US web brands for 2013 even though its average unique visitors has shown a decline of 6 percent.

However, Google dominates the compilation of the top 10 apps with five of its services–Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail–making it to the list. Instagram and Apple Maps has emerged as the fastest growing apps, witnessing their average unique visitors grow by 66 and 64 percent respectively. Twitter makes up the 10th slot with a 36 percent increase in its visitors.

The above data has been compiled based on smartphone usage trend from January to October 2013. More details can be found on the Neilsen page.

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