Microsoft set to unveil Windows OS with ARM based support at CES 2011

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Bloomburg is reporting that Microsoft is preparing to unveil a new version of Windows geared towards Tablet Computing, who use the ARM based supports. Good news for Tablets everywhere with the intention of taking advantage of the new dual core processors.

Adding ARM based support for a tablet friendly iteration is a sound strategy. It looks like Microsoft has ARM chips made by Qualcomm Inc., Texas Instruments and Samsung Electronics, which are used in most smartphones as well as Apple’s best-selling iPad.

Microsoft has continually lost ground to Google Android and Apple and upstart entrant Meego in the Tablet computing, its current version of Windows 7 is heralded as most people in the industry not indicative to a sound tablet computing. Windows Embeded Compact 7 was unleashed at Computex this year, but has been mute ever since then.

A full-featured version of Windows for ARM chips is the best way for Microsoft to make a dent in the iPad’s lead, according to Robert Breza, a Minneapolis-based analyst for RBC Capital Markets. While Windows is dominant in the personal-computer market, it hasn’t extended into tablet success yet.

“They’ve got to come back with a product that’s better than ‘me too’ and is equal if not better in features,” Breza said. He has an “outperform” rating on Microsoft’s stock, which he doesn’t own. “A lot of tablets today are inferior to PCs.”

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