New 7 inch tablet from Acer

Acer’s immediate tablet plans involve two tablet PCs, both feature different sized screens, such as 7 and 10 inches. They will also be running Google’s flagship operating system Android, and will be released with Honeycomb. In fact, its the Honeycomb factor, the first Android version to be designed exclusively for tablet like devices that is making things so much more interesting after witnessing a deluge of tablet launches based on earlier iterations of the Android that were all smartphone specific.

However, while Honeycomb is still being refined for a formal launch, we have some information (thanks to intomobile) of the 7 inch Acer tablet that too is getting its final shape at the Acer stable and will make its debut laced with Android 2.3 Gingerbread to begin with. The tablet will be based on the next generation dual core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that will be capable of “asynchronous clocking.” The Qualcomm unit will also be mated to the Adreno 220 GPU and what all of that will boil down to in a real world scenario is of course, zippy performance and far better response times whether its some high powered apps that you are dealing with or 3D games.

The first thing to notice with the tablet though is its external surface and Acer has done a splendid job with the tablet that looks well built and exudes a feeling of solidity. The front of the tablet is dominated almost entirely by the 7 inch 1280 x 800 resolution display and partly by a lone Home button. However, the presence of the single Home button has also led to a fair bit of confusion as Honeycomb has been designed to operate without the aid of any external buttons. On the other hand, there are at least two other button, Back and Menu that is necessary if the tablet eventually runs Gingerbread. So while the single Home button is handy in that it will bring things back to the Home screen, the very presence of it or the absence of the other two has thrown up quite a few question marks and there aren’t many answers available right now.

Coming to the other aspects of the tablet – its features. And the 7 inch tablet does not disappoint here in that it comes equipped with stuff like a rear-facing camera with LED flash along with a front-facing camera meant for making video calls. The tablet is compliant with Adobe Flash 10.1 Player and includes a SIM card slot, HDMI output along with a mini-USB port.

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