PressReader Released for Windows 8

Newspaper Direct has unveiled its seminal PressReader app today for Windows 8! This is a native app written for the new Metro interface and brings over 2300 newspapers right to your desktop. This will ensure that you can take advantage of your 26 inch PC screen to keep abreast of all the local news or read on your MS Surface Tablet.

If you’re looking for the ultimate reading experience for your favorite newspapers and magazines, then you have to try PressReader. It is without a doubt the most satisfying, engaging, feature-rich, and entertaining newspaper and magazine reading application you’ll ever use. Browse, zoom in, and read full digital replicas of thousands of newspapers and magazines from 97 countries just like you would in print. Or journey through the attention-grabbing SmartFlow stream of articles where visual clues will not only enhance your reading experience, they will reveal new gems of content you’ll be delighted to discover.

You can select from various fonts when you are reading your newspaper, to ensure that everything is aligned to your personal taste. When you take out a subscription, each issue is automatically delivered right to your account. One of the best things is that you get seven issues you can download completely for free! This way, you can really test the waters and see if you like it, before paying to subscribe.

PressReader is a free download from the Microsoft Windows Store, check it out!

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