Breaking: RIM Has Pulled the Plug on the Playbook OS Update

If you were hoping to download the latest update for the Blackberry Playbook, prepare to be let down. We have breaking news that Research and Motion has pulled the update from being pushed out to people who have yet to upgrade to the latest RIM update.

There is no official word from RIM with regards to pulling the update. Since it launched, there have been a few users that reported problems when they sideloaded their own Android apps. In some cases, apps are disappearing from the homescreen and suddenly stop working. The fix right now is to simply delete the app and reinstall it. This might cause some problems if you have saved games, because they will disappear. Other problems resulted in some Playbook Wi-Fi tablets unable to boot up the upgrade.

The majority of users who installed the latest firmware update had overwhelming positive things to say about it. In many cases web browsing is quicker, it boots up faster and has a added functionality for BAR files. It also gives you better access to wireless networks in the home with enhanced upgrades.

When the Playbook OS update rolled out a few days ago, many people cheered. It seems that the date on the upgrade was from June 16th, which should have given the company ample time to test everything internally. Now everyone is collectively moaning in despair that they did not get the update in time. There is no current option to downgrade your operating system unless you get an image from one that has not been upgraded yet.

Update: August 7th 2012

RIM has contacted us and has made the following statement. “RIM discovered an issue with the PlayBook software update. The update has been removed. Customers that have already successfully updated to version are not affected and can continue using their PlayBook with the updated software.”

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  • Connor

    This update doesn’t give the same functionality as the “Playbook 2″, nor is there any such device as the “Playbook 2″. There’s the BlackBerry PlayBook and there’s the 4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook. That’s it. This was a minor update which appears to have caused some problems: as you can see from the version number, it’s still 2.0.x. The 4G LTE PlayBook will ship with 2.1, which is going to come to regular

  • Havanabar

    Wow. Disappointing to see this. All I can say is it’s time RIM took a real long look at its entire operation and development team.  They still have a world class first rate product, but letting stuff like this only fuels the anti-BB mob.

  • Bfmsgv

    I got my update in time.  It’s all the goodness and zero nevative

  • Majd

    Glad I didn’t update, check out all the reported bugs.

  • Majd

    i agree, the Playbook coming out soon, isn’t going to be as big a change as everyone thinks it will be.

  • Mike_Stokes1

    Typical RIM nonsense, what an incompetent bunch. My BB tablet battery is down to a three hour lifespan because of this “update”

    Do not buy anything from RIM. Hope they go belly up soon. 

  • Mike_Stokes1

    World class garbage. You must work for RIM.

  • Dscxc

    since the latest update I cannot use the browser, after a few seconds I get an error message “couldn’t resolve host name”.
    Anyone know what’s going on?