Rumor: iPad 3 Production to Start by Year End

After living with the iPad 2 for quite some time now, naturally it’s about time the iPad 3 to start making its presence felt in a more definitive manner. However, only rumors and speculations are coming our way. More so after Apple is now done with the official launch of the iPhone 4S.

As a successor to the iPad 2, we expect the device to go in for production by end of the last quarter of this year. Susquehanna Financial analyst, Jeff Fidacaro, states his assumption that the launch of the iPad3 will occur in 2012.

His assumption is based on the checks he has carried out on the various outlets which are manufacturing the components that would go into the making of the iPad 3. His study reveals an increase in production which, as per a previous study of the supply chain, appeared to be 11 to 13 million of the iPad 3 units, while now it stands at 12 to 14 million units. Apple had launched the iPad 2 in March this year and therefore the assumption of seeing the iPad 3 as a refresher unit early next year does not seem to be a very wild guess.

However, at the end of it all, let’s not forget these are speculations at best and nothing can be more definitive than an official confirmation or a statement. As of now, nothing of that sort is available.

Further, the entire tablet landscape has changed with the coming of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Apple has been forced to change its strategy for the first time and is rumored to be developing a 10 inch version of the iPad that will cost around the $200 mark to make it more competitive against the Kindle Fire. So whether a full fledged next gen iPad 3 comes first or the low cost version of it is anybody’s guess as of now.

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    We dont need another stinking ipad each year. I guess some people have to have the latest and greatest thing even though it’s just a big waste of money. The ipad is over priced and lacks alot of features.

  • IronMac

    If everybody thought like that we’d still be driving Model Ts.