TouchDroid Project to Bring Android to the Touchpad Might Be Dead

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The Android development program called “TouchDroid” might be dead before it even got started. The project was started by five people and their mandate was to bring Android 2.3 to the device, iron out the bugs, and then upgrade to Honeycomb. One of the younger developers ended up leaving the program in a flamboyant fashion and did some dastardly things along the way.

The rogue developer who went by the handle rhcp has a grand falling out, typical of IRC. He had deleted the company’s main twitter account and erased many pivitol development files on the main server. He ended up leaving the project and keeping all of the donation money made by average users looking to support the project.

The future of TouchDroid looks bleak and many sources have told us that nothing really has been developed yet. The closest we got was a build running Ubuntu that allows your Touchpad to dual boot. You can check out a great working tutorial the good folks on Liliputing have made for installing Ubuntu Linux on the TouchPad.

The future of Android on the TouchPad from TouchDroid might look woeful at the current time, but there is hope. XDA developers have been working on overdrive to bring a stable solution to the public. That group is your best bet for putting something solid out to the public. After all, they have a great track record.

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  • Chris English

    for as second there I though I was reading an Eve Online story…..

  • Guest
  • Karim

    Touch droid is dead, there partially working rom has been dumped see there site for install details, only thing working on it is touch no wifi or sound…. seems they stole there touch code from CM7 any way lets see what CM7 can pull out there hat …although there updates are sporadic to say the least

  • Karim

    sorry just to add the donations did NOT go to rhcp they went to  a user who has passed it on to CM7 to buy Tabs for them to continue there Dev , rhcp has been made to look like the cause of all this but its actually other memebers who did the dirty and came along wqith CM7 code !!!

  • Good E-Reader

    Sounds Ultra Shady!! I hung out in their IRC channel for a few weeks after they announced the project and there was seriously no developing of value, even in their “Secret” channel. Seemed like a bunch of immature kids. Leave it to XDA and other serious communities to come out with a viable solution.