Toys “R” Us to Launch Its Own Kid Friendly Tablet Named “Tabeo”

Toys “R” Us was one of the first large companies to get into the tablet game a few years ago. It found great success in tablets aimed at children by V.Tech, Meep, Lexibook, and Fisher Price. This has promoted the company to develop its own tablet in-house to make wider profit margins. The new Android device will be called “Tabeo.”

The Tabeo features a seven inch capacitive touchscreen interface and 1 GHZ internal processor. It also has 4G of internal memory and an HDMI output to enjoy photos, videos, and more on your TV. There is also front and rear facing cameras, but no word yet on the specifics. It will be running the Google Android Operating system and come with over 50 pre-installed applications. These include Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and many other kid friendly games. Toys R Us has developed its own app-store with over 7,000 apps and games.  Parents will enjoy some measure of control on what they can install via their own tools that are provided. It will debut on October 21st for $149.99 and should garner attention from parents looking to buy their child something interactive and educational based for the holiday season.

Troy Peterson, vice president of Toys “R” Us, said in a statement that the company has conducted extensive research with parents and children over the past year to determine what features they want in a kids’ tablet.

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  • Cheryl C

    mine are using tablets in school so this is a logical move, a good idea, but like everything it will depend on cost $$/££ and the security/bloatware included.

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