Kindle Writeon is Destined to Fail


Amazon Kindle Writeon is a community where writers share their works in progress and solicit feedback from people on story direction, editing and fact checking. The service publicly launched at the beginning of March and was in beta for numerous months. How is Writeon doing? Sadly, its failing in … [Read more...]

Kobo Will Never Make a Color e-Reader


Kobo has verified that they will not employ color technology on any of their dedicated e-paper e-readers. ¬†Michael Tamblyn the President of Kobo said that color screens and interactive features would continue "on the tablet and app side", which now accounts for half of Kobo's business. Color … [Read more...]

HarperCollins, Amazon Reach Agreement

In an announcement that is certain to bring a sigh of relief to authors and readers, HarperCollins announced yesterday that it has reached a multi-year agreement with Amazon over its recent pricing dispute. While HarperCollins, like several other publishers before it, has been gunning for an agency … [Read more...]