Apple iPad Dominates North America


The complete line of Apple iPads are totally dominating North America. It is said that they control %78 of the total market and everyone elses market share is fairly negligible. Chitika Insights published its latest figures on the tablet market in Canada and the United States. The firm basically … [Read more...]

60% of Teens Own an iPad


There is no denying that the Apple line of tablets is the most successful. A new report surveyed 7,500 teens and asked them about what phones and tablets they have or plan to buy. 61% of teens now own an iPhone, compared to 55% from a survey conducted in October 2013 and 40% in the fall of 2012. … [Read more...]

Will Windows 8 Survive in the Tablet Space?


Initial reviews of the Surface Pro aren't painting a very optimistic picture of the Microsoft tablet, which brings us back to the question: Will the Apple iPad go unchallenged? Or to put things in a bigger perspective, how things are likely to pan out in the entire tablet computing segment with … [Read more...]

Top Tablet News – December 16th, 2012


With the holiday shopping frenzy at its peak, it's raining offers and discounts as retailers make a desperate bid to see as many buyers as is logically possible before the end of the year. Even the most sought after gadgets are being offered with some heavy discounts. Case in point: the Apple … [Read more...]

Top Tablet News – 12-12-12


Google News now even better on tablet devices One of the best (and also the easiest) ways to stay informed of the latest happenings around the world is to keep an eye on the Google news feeds. With tablet PCs making some serious inroads into the traditional computing scene, it was just a matter … [Read more...]

Microsoft Surface VS. Apple iPad 3

ipad and microsoft surface

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Comparison! Due to popular demand we have a great comparison between the Apple iPad with Retina Display and the Microsoft Surface tablet! We mainly are evaluating the reading experience with the myriad of apps available on both devices. Both of these tablets … [Read more...]