Amazon Fire Tablet Sales are Abysmal


Amazon is experiencing decreased sales for the latest generation line of Fire Tablets.  IDC has reported that Amazon Fire devices have fallen by as much as 70% compared to the holiday 2013 period. The declines come at a time when worldwide shipments in the fourth quarter fell for the first time … [Read more...]

Amazon Stands Behind eBook Subscriptions

It didn't take long after the launch of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service for the outcry to begin, but unlike other criticisms the retail book giant has weathered, this one came from its most staunch supporters: self-published authors. With the announcement that all KDP Select … [Read more...]

You Got a New Kindle e-Reader, Now What?


The Amazon Kindle makes a great e-reader and many people tried to be good all year long so Santa would leave one under the tree. After unwrapping it and powering it on for the first time, whats next? The Amazon ecosystem is fairly extensive. Visiting the online bookstore will have a number of terms … [Read more...]