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kindle fire hdx 7 vs samsung nook

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook are two tablets that are exclusively geared towards reading. Today, we look at the core differences between the two devices to give you a sense on their overall capabilities.

Amazon tends to use a heavily skinned version of Android called Mojito. You cannot really establish live wallpapers or setup widgets on your home screen. The HDX was designed to integrate completely with the entire Amazon ecosystem, such as movies, television shows, apps and books.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook on the other hand is running Kitkat, and new Android updates should occur very quickly. Unlike prior Nook tablets, this one has two cameras and better sound. It also has Google Play to access new content, so you can do business with other bookstores.

The prime motivation behind this Good e-Reader comparison is to give you a sense on how the UI is all laid out, how eBooks look and what type of functionality you get with PDF files. We also demonstrate how the entire ecosystems perform, from a Canadian point of view.


Apple is a well known case study for controlled leaks to the public and workers in the supply chain trying to garner their fifteen minutes of fame by posting a picture of an upcoming iPhone CPU, Battery or rear shell.  It really seems like we have a clear picture of the new iWatch, iPhone or iPad well before the September 9th product launch, but things are always mysterious with Amazon.

Amazon never leaks anything to the media and their PR department is outright hostile. When they do file patents, it is through shell companies, as to not give any indication on what they are planning to release. Their research and development division, LAB126 is a veritable fortress, with little being disclosed even to their families.

This year has been one of the biggest on record for Amazon, as they have expanded their hardware offerings into two different vertices; smartphones and television. The Fire TV and Fire Smartphone continue to sell well, but have been met with trepidation in the market due to the US exclusivity.

Yesterday, Amazon discontinued the $69 base model Kindle in the US and Canada. They have also been discounting the Kindle Paperwhite 2 by $20 to deplete existing stock. This is an indication that they have well begun the manufacturing process for the two new followup models. What can we expect from the next generation Kindle e-readers? Well the Paperwhite 3 will have a light sensor to automatically adjust the front-lit display to your environment. All other readers on the market have either a dedicated hardware button or software functionality to manually adjust it. Both of the new models will also have a different default font and include higher resolution. The new cheap Kindle will also scrap the D-Pad and adopt a new touchscreen.

Amazon is expected to release two new e-readers and three tablets in the next few weeks.

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kindle kids book creator

Amazon has always offered plenty of tools for authors to craft their own eBook, but kids books are a different story. In order to make Kindle Direct Publishing more relevant to children’s authors, Amazon has just unveiled a standalone program called Kindle Kids’ Book Creator.

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator is a free tool for authors and publishers to turn their illustrated children’s books into great-looking Kindle books. Kindle Kids’ Book Creator makes it easy for authors and publishers to import artwork, add text to pages, and preview how their book will look on Kindle devices.

With the click of a button, authors also can add Kindle Text Pop-Ups to make it easy to read their book on any device, including smart phones, tablets, and PCs. Authors then can publish to Kindle and share their story with tens of millions of Amazon customers worldwide.

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator supports multiple layouts for children’s books, including facing page spreads. Kindle Kids’ Book Creator accepts the most popular graphic file types, so authors are free to create art in their preferred design tools. Authors can even import a book from a multi-page PDF, making it easier to ever to take a book originally created for print and turn it into a Kindle book. When you are ready to publish your book, simply go to Kindle Direct Publishing to upload your book.

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator also makes it quick to preview how the content will look across Kindle devices. With an integrated preview feature, authors can validate that their books look beautiful on Kindle Fire tablets.

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Amazon has been selling Kindle e-Readers and eBooks in Brazil for the last two years. You might say the Seattle based company has digital locked up, but print titles have been non-existent, until today.

Over 150,000 print titles in Portuguese are now available to be ordered on Amazons Brazilian website. If customers spend over R$69, there is free shipping. These titles are in addition to the 35,000 eBooks they have available, also in Portuguese.

In a statement, Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said the site would be “the largest and most convenient site for Brazilian readers to find and buy” print and digital books at low prices.

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Amazon is hoping to steal a bit of the limelight off of the brand new Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook tablet by offering a $20.00 discount on the second generation Kindle Paperwhite. Starting today, the main Amazon website is discounting the WIFI only version to $139 and the 3G model for $189.

Within the next month it is believed that Amazon will be releasing two new e-readers and three new tablets They are intending on refreshing their entire hardware lineup with new technology. The discount to the Paperwhite serves to give an incentive to people on the fence about going over to Barnes and Noble.

Since the Paperwhite 2 originally came out, it has received a number of firmware updates and hardware enhancements. Some of the more notable software features include the social book discovery site, GoodReads and a more stable PDF experience with a new preview window. On the hardware front, customers in the UK and Canada are seeing an increased amount of Kindle Storage, from 4GB to 8GB.

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Amazon has quietly doubled the amount of onboard storage in new models of the Kindle Paperwhite second generation e-reader. Any new device ordered online from Amazon will have 4GB to store all of your books, instead of the standard 2GB.

There was a time when Amazon always included 4GB of storage in their Kindles, but this when they had features like on-board audio and audiobooks used to take up a ton of space. When the Paperwhite 1 and 2 were first released Amazon realized they could likely downgrade the amount of storage and nobody would really care, because all of your purchase were saved in the cloud. The only market to have a 4GB model of the Paperwhite 2 right out of the gates was Japan, and this was primarily due to manga and graphic novels taking up more space than your standard digital book.

Amazon has made no formal announcement yet about the subtle increase in storage. On the Kindle Paperwhite 2 product page they don’t even reference the exact amount of storage that is available anymore.

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Amazon has an exciting software update available for Kindle for Android. The latest version of Kindle for Android 4.6 has several new features and performance improvements.

Improved the listening experience for books with audio

When you’re listening from a Bluetooth device, playback will automatically pause if Bluetooth is disconnected. A new permission is required for this, “Pair with Bluetooth devices.”

Go hands-free with Immersion Reading; enjoy automatic page turns without the screen shutting off.

Helpful account information can be found on the Settings screen

Rename your device to make it easier to recognize when buying books from the Kindle store.
Check your registration information, is the app registered to the correct email address?

Viewing options inside the book have been updated

“Use system brightness” is a more intuitive option for a brightness settings. Tap the “Aa” icon at the top of the screen to choose this new option. If you’re not finding the “Aa” icon, tap the center of the screen to have the menu bars slide into view. This improvement was made with the help of your feedback!

When the menus are hidden (tap the center of the screen to show or hide them), tap the bottom right corner of the screen. Do you notice a small padlock? Tap it to lock the orientation. Now you can turn the device in any direction so you read on your side or back.

Improvements were made to the Table of Contents

A direct link to the book cover is at the top.

“Front matter” is next. Funny name but this where you’ll find the title, copyright, dedication and more. There’s an arrow to the right of the label. Tap it to close the front matter section.

If a book has page numbers we’ll show them alongside the chapter names. The current page you’re on will be highlighted.

If another chapter is selected, you can always get back to your previous location by tapping one of the placeholders on the location seeker at the bottom.

Download Amazon Kindle for Android 4.6 today!

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When it comes to reading outdoors an e-reader often gives you a superior experience, due to the glare free screen. There is a lot of contention on what gives you the better eBook experience, a tablet or e-reader. Today, we give you a solid video comparison pitting the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 Android tablet and the Kindle Paperwhite 2. This really should really solve the age old question, what device is better for outdoor reading?


Kindle is already one of the most frequently used digital reading apps available for iOS, boasting access to over 1,000,000 books in the Kindle store in addition to hundreds of newspapers and magazines. While the existing interface was clean and easy to use, Amazon has implemented a number of updates in version 4.4 that promise to make sync and navigation easier.

One of the handiest new features is the ability to sync to the most recent page read. This means that all of your devices (whether they are iOS, Android or any device using the reading app and registered to your Amazon account) will agree on the last page you actually read (instead of just the furthest page). This is incredibly convenient when you read books like I do –needing to jump backward to remind yourself of past happenings in the volume and then continue from where you were.

Placeholders are also new, allowing you to flip around and explore new areas of your book without changing your current bookmark.

Finally, notes export is a fantastic tool for students and researchers alike. As you are reading, highlighting, and making notes, you can then email these items to yourself. Features like this are critical if electronic books are ever going to fully replace paper textbooks in classrooms.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you can download Kindle for your iOS device for free from the Apple App Store. If you are using an Android device, you can download Amazon Kindle (though you won’t see these latest updates in this version just yet).

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The Transportation Security Administration has announced that e-readers must be turned on when going through customs for travelers taking international flights headed to the US. They are concerned that your trusty Kindle may be hollowed out and explosives planted within.

“During the security examination, officers may also ask that owners power up some devices, including cell phones,” the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said in a post on its website. It warned: “Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft. The traveller may also undergo additional screening.”

US officials are providing extra screening for flights originating from the United Kingdom, Europe and Africa. They are mostly concerned about intelligence originating from Syria and Yemen that they have developed bombs that could be placed in mobile telephones and e-readers to avoid detection to bring down aircraft bound for America.

Travelers are implored to make sure that your phone or e-reader are turned on when going through customs. If they are out of batteries or turned off completely you could be in for secondary screening and possibly can miss your flight.

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The new U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland, Suzi LeVine took a novel approach to her swearing in ceremony. While Vice President Joe Biden administered the oath, Suzi had her trusty Kindle open to the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which in 1920 guaranteed women the right to vote.

This is the first time ever that an e-reader was used in a swearing in ceremony for a public official. It will be interesting to see if this will start to catch on in the courtroom or other public appointments.

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Amazon Fire TV KindleEverybody likes to get a good deal, which is why the bundle being offered by Amazon right now is especially attractive.  With that extra $249 in your pocket, you can own Amazon’s brand new Fire TV as well as a 7″ Kindle Fire HDX tablet: consider it the Android accessory pack for those of you who only have a smartphone so far (or a starter pack for those who may have iPhones).

The two products are a very natural pairing given how seamlessly they work together. Even beyond the Fire TV being able to be controlled from within an app on the tablet, use the X-Ray feature to do your research on the movie or TV show you are watching or Fling media (TV shows, movies, music) to your television.

It isn’t known for certain whether this bargain is due to poor sales of the recently launched Fire TV (from April, 2014) or a smart move towards gaining market share, but it is certainly good incentive for anybody who was on the fence as to whether or not to buy one.

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Kindle Cloud Reader Goes Global

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Kindle Cloud ReaderWhen we first saw the Kindle Cloud Reader, it was clear that it would be something special. Built in response to Apple charging 30% on all titles purchased using their app, the Kindle Cloud Reader allows you to purchase e-books and store them in the cloud for easy syncing with any of your devices with an Internet web browser. With a rather quiet launch, this browser-based reading app is now compatible with local Kindle stores worldwide!

Unfortunately, Kindle Cloud Reader still doesn’t offer support for personal documents.

Cloud-based reading apps are still in their infancy, and most consider them a back-up method of reading (as opposed to the native apps on every device)… But for those frequently on the move or using a large number of devices, a cloud reader gives them an option for consistency of interface and ease of use.

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