Apple has failed the e-Book reader


Apple has quickly become a major player in the smartphone and tablet business. Their devices are everywhere and their constant marketing campaigns always generate buzz. One of the big reasons why people have gravitated towards Apple products was the sheer amount of apps available. Amazon, B&N, … [Read more...]

Sony Smartwatch 3 Unboxing Video


The Sony Smartwatch 3 came out late 2014 and this model features Android Wear. This is the unified operating system that was designed exclusively for smartwatches. Today, we show you the retail packaging and take it out of the box for the first time. The first and second generation Sony … [Read more...]

Is Sony Abandoning Smartphones?


Sony closed down their e-reader business in 2013 and the PRS-T3 marked the last consumer product they ever released. The President and Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai proclaimed that the company is getting out of the smartphone and television business and focusing on game development for the … [Read more...]