Sony Z4 Tablet might make a Good e-Reader


When dedicated e-ink readers were the only game in town, people flocked to them in droves to do their digital reading. When the iPad and Android tablets started to gain traction, people switched to them to read manga, magazines, newspapers and digital comics. Sony might give people a compelling … [Read more...]

Is Sony Abandoning Smartphones?


Sony closed down their e-reader business in 2013 and the PRS-T3 marked the last consumer product they ever released. The President and Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai proclaimed that the company is getting out of the smartphone and television business and focusing on game development for the … [Read more...]

Sony Developing an e Ink Smartwatch


Sony has secretly been building their own skunk works department in Japan. 200 researchers are trying to flesh out ideas that have nothing to do with the core markets or products that Sony currently is marketing. One of them, to be released next year is a smartwatch, made entirely of e Ink … [Read more...]

Sony Cuts Back Smartphone Lineup


It wasn't very long ago that Samsung announced their plans to cut back their smartphone line-up --this time, it's Sony doing the same thing. Where once it seemed like Sony was on top of the tech world and could do no wrong, now they are struggling to carve out a competitive piece of the mobile … [Read more...]

Sony Digital Paper Now Costs $999


Professionals representing many industries and institutions have been embracing the 13.3 inch Sony Digital Paper as a better way to read and write. This has promoted Sony to officially slash the entry level price from  from $1,100 to $999. The lower price should be more appealing towards schools … [Read more...]