Amazon Fire TV Available for Free


The Amazon Fire TV box received a tremendous amount of hype when it was first released last month. It is painfully obvious that this is one segment that Amazon has yet to really crack, like they have eBooks. In order to push out more Fire TV sales Amazon has been sending emails and snail mail letters to Prime members telling them they can trial it for free, for one month.

You can get a Free Fire TV now for one month and Amazon will pay the shipping to you. If you want to send it back, you can do so and not incur any extra charges, at the end of the month your credit card will be automatically billed.

Amazon Fire TV was originally launched in April and the Seattle based company has not divulged hardware sales. Currently it sits in the 1st position for the popular Electronics category with Google Chromecast and the Kindle e-reader rounding out the top three. If you really think about it the Fire TV has been in the Top 10 for 52 days, while Apple TV has been there for the last 792, quite telling.

You have to be a current Prime member to be eligible for the offer and reside in the US. Try clicking on THIS link to see if you are eligible for the offer.


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  • os2al

    Does this imply that one can load programs onto Fire TV? If so, why not VPN software?