How to Load eBooks on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

In this exclusive Good e-Reader Tutorial, we teach you how to load your own ebooks on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite! All of Amazon’s e-readers only read AZW, PRC, and MOBI files, so keep that in mind if you are doing your own ebook converting or buying from companies that sell them in this format. Smashwords is one good website that sells books in Kindle friendly formats, which makes copying and pasting to your e-reader really easy!

The first program we take a look at is Calibre! It is available for both the PC and MAC, so it will work fairly well for the majority of users. This program has tremendous flexibility for managing your e-reader and doing your own edits. Over the course of the tutorial, we outline the various ways you can edit the author name, book title, and even swap out the cover art. Many of the books you might download from the internet may not have all of this information, or might even have the name of the guy who uploaded the books in the title.  The other major facet is converting ebooks from one format to another.  You may encounter many ebooks you download will not be in a Kindle friendly format. Since EPUB is the most popular book format out there, you may see these more than Kindle editions. I will show you how you can easily convert books with no DRM to MOBI, PRC, or AZW.

Finally, most people opt for simplicity and merely want to copy and paste books they have downloaded from the internet onto their Kindle Paperwhite. I’ll show you in this part how to manage your device effectively and create your own directories for ebook management.

Michael Kozlowski (5219 Posts)

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  • Brendan Monaghan

    This was terrific.  Really appreciate you taking the time to make this video.  Just curious, if want to be able to access a book on multiple devices, I know I need to get it to my “core” amazon account i.e. not just the device itself.  (i.e. want to be able to pick up where I left on say my iPhone)…have you done a video walking through these options?

  • Jane5984

    Very helpful. Thanks a million for this thorough and clear guide.

  • Mike

    Hey Michael, great post! I am having an issue I am hoping you may be able to shed some light on. I just received my Kindle Paperwhite in the mail and have been trying to send my .mobi collection of books to it; however, none of the books are showing up on the kindle. I tried the normal click and drag to the documents folder, and after that failed, I even tried to send them via calibre. Any ideas? I am having quite the anxiety attack over this. Thank you.

    ALSO, if you do not mind answering a second question…what is the deal with this new AZW3 format? Should i be converting my MOBI collection to this “new” format.

  • Johannes

    I’m also noticing that emailing mobi to the paperwhite doesn’t seem to work. Amazon customer service told me that emailing mobi to paperwhite was not supported.

  • Belle

    this is totally helpful! thank you! 😀

  • Gringo

    this video could have taken 5 minutes …. you talk too much !! and you stray from the topic !! ” romance ” ?!?!?!?

  • Gwen Goble-Bartzen

    Does anyone besides me think it’s BEYOND stupid that you have to download a whole other program to transfer books from a non-Kindle device to a Kindle? Seems like Amazon would WANT to make this easy to encourage people to buy their product. This is my first experience with Amazon and I am less than impressed.

  • GrohBot

    they would NOT want to make this easy because they dont make money selling hardware, they make money selling books, movies, etc.

  • David

    There’s a way better way. Just Convert your epub file to a mobi file (Google a online converter for the two). Now afterwards, you can then email that file to your “Kindle” email address. You can find this email address by going to Your Account > Manage Your Kindle > Manage Your Devices. Hopefully this will help!

  • Shady

    So I am still in the dark…please somebody explain simply how to down load a book onto a Kindle Paperwhite. I have ordered it from Amazon but now getting cold feet.

  • evette

    I am thinking of buying an e-reader for the first time but want to be sure it’s not too difficult to download books. I identify with Shady but I haven’t ordered mine yet. can some one help me. I too was considering Paperwhite.

  • Bringbackbabalu

    Sort of stupid, as some of the .mobi files I have added won’t load. I can’t believe that Amazon can sell you a reader, and still manage to badger you sooooo much. All in all, my tablet that cost half as much lets me load anything, and use any apps I want. If you like freedom, and don’t like nonstop advertising…don’t go with the Kindle. I got it as a gift and I am really hating it. Again, I have both epub turned to mobi, and plain mobi I purchased, and it is hit or miss if they load or not.