• marco

    on http://freeenote.org you can find some additional applications such as a phone book and different web browser, and lots of other hacks. Could you ask asus when the english worldwide release is coming and what its going to cost?

  • I did not find allot of things other then some english conversions which Asus kindly loaded for us on the device, although some Chinese aspects were still maintained, like the browser.

  • Jzbnuz

    do you know when this will come out in the USA?

  • Jzbnuz

    some of those applications were ported over to the eee note by fans. So there is a chance that the eee note won’t have them.

  • I heard in a few months

  • Yeah, we saw a few like a phone book and another web browser but have not installed them yet, but will soon. Asus just issued officially firmware which fixes book zooming but crashes the e-reader if you try and exit the book you are reading. Broken with ePub and PDF

  • Jer Roe

    it looks really dark. how is reading on it? it looks like if you were reading there would be tons of shadow over the screen that is why im so far holding back compared to a kindle dx.

  • Servit08

    im sorry to say, but the nails of the reviewer look ugly…

  • Nist93

    I have been looking alot on this hardware i a long time, but believe that i will back of very soon. Asus do not seem to be interested in other markets than the Asian market. They have no communication and so ond ajour Tue EA800.

    Shame on you Asus.

  • Acquaclara

    question: can you annotate on PDF files? I read that you can take notes, and on a separate app, read ebooks or PDF files.
    But can you do note on PDFs, as for grading or correcting manuscripts?

  • Acquaclara

    I read mid-May in some blog, i think in a comment in Asus Campus Life website, but they said at the beginning of February it was coming in few weeks!!! Don’t count on it if you need to work….

  • Joerunner

    @Servit08. I have to agree with you on that. I couldn’t help but get distracted from the unboxing every time your nails came into view.

    I have been waiting for this device to be released in North American since it’s debut but I’ve lost interest since HTC announced the Flyer.

  • Mansion

    I got one from Asus Taiwan. The device is really nice, but it lacks speed. I sometimes write faster than it can recognize..

  • Franky

    I wrote to them to complain about the delay and they wrote me back saying that it should be available in June in North-America. At first it was supposed to be in the first quarter of 2011, then May and now June. If they continue to postpone it’s release, we will see the iPad 3 before the Eee Note.
    Too bad, another manufacturer might put something similar on the market and they might loose North-America’s market.

  • Thomasb82

    it does not have an 2.3 ghz cpu,its at 800 mhz. it also comes with 4 gb internal memory which is just an internal sd card.

    just to keep it real, this device is great for taking notes. Its not a very good e-reader as the screen is hard to read without excellent light. it also barely works as a browser. I use it for work taking interview notes. Its great for that.

    ASUS however has completely dropped the ball on this as many writes. they postponed it several times and will not comment on why. Their customer service knows nothing about it either, ive been trying to buy several units for my company but cannot since its still only in out in taiwan. Its a schol book example of how to mistreat a great product that many companies would love.

  • I bougth one a while ago from ebay.
    Drawing and taking notes is fine. But sometimes the drawing can be a bit slow.
    The two usage scenarios I had in mind when buing this was:
    1. Taking notes with it.
    2. Reading big technical PDF:s.

    For 1, it is good. But for two, it’s not very usable yet. When I say big PDF:s, I mean 1400 pages
    CPU manuals, which probably was not what EEE Note was intended for.

    I’m a bit concerned about the English firmware. It’s release seem to be constantly delayed.
    They might loose the European market as well.

    About applications outside of the areas note-taking and reading stuff, I think Asus can just skip that.
    If they put a limited budget on working with the firmware (which seems to be the case),
    I think they should fokus on making the main functionality snappy and internationalized.
    Perhaps also add support for Mac OS X and Ubuntu.

  • Cfilion

    If it is Java compatible (should be) then can I get Open Office to work?

  • Had one of these for a few months now.  It’s a good little tool, with the potential to be even better.  A review from an artist’s point of view at http://artedstates.blogspot.com/2011/12/asus-ea800-eee-note-review-from-artists.html

  • Alexander

    I purchased the Asus EA800 three month ago.
    What is my general expresion? Very BAD!!!
    1) The operational system operates unstably – time to time I forced to push RESERT knob. Especially while turn pages.
    Browser is the test version only – to use it practically impossibly.
    2) Software cannot be correctly installed under Windows XP – after Dot.Net new version installation other applications may work improperly.
    3) Micro SD card does not operate. The EA800 doesn’t see any files on it (at least when it was formatted as FAT or FAT32 ).
    4) EA800 is very slow device at all. It concerns with all screen operations: updating, page turns, page navigation etc. Especially the screen keyboard seems too slow and uncomfortable. There is very long delays between key presses and typing the selected char.
    5) New software applications installed for example Light Weigh browser, are very slow and awkward too. During the WEB page loading the system is out of control. It’s impossible to understand whether the system works slowly or it is hanging and reset must be done.
    6) Hardware is far from excellence  – as I noted the system is clumsy. Even when reading a book the turn over the pages may demands some seconds. LCD display is dark and very glittering and reflects the light from a lamp.
    To work with a Stilus SP50 is difficulty, but without SP50 – practically impossible. The stylus  is unique and can’t be substituted with another one.
    7) The original Asus support is absent on the sight. 

    I’m indignant with such product.
    Want to advice – don’t bye EA800 if You have no extra money of course.

  • David Martin

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  • Annie Wei

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