Coming, the SNE-60 E-Book Reader from Samsung

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The SNE-60 e-book reader from consumer electronics giant Samsung is often billed as the nearest an e-reader can get to the mighty iPad and if you have been keenly awaiting the market release of the SNE-60, here’s some good news. For as per the latest e-reader news, the first step towards you possessing the e-book reader has already begun. Or to put it in simple terms, Samsung has begun taking pre orders of the SNE-60 with the actual delivery slated to begin within the next few months.

The SNE-60 e-book reader has already been discussed here during the time it was first launched in Korea in February and had a lot of fireworks packed into its compact dimensions to turn around many a heads.

The most striking aspect of the SNE-60 e-book reader is its sliding control with the front screen sliding up to reveal a set of keys for ease of use. As for the screen, it measures 6 inches and boasts of 8 levels of grayscale with a display resolution of 600 x 800 pixels. The E-ink technology used renders complete paper like display that is ideally suited for the most stress free reading experience.

Another unique aspect of the SNE-60 is the electromagnetic resonance or EMR stylus pen that comes with the e-book reader. This unique EMR stylus provides its users with the ability to make annotations or to pen down thoughts and ideas along the margins while reading, something that anyone would perhaps do while reading a real book.

Apart from these, the SNE-60 has all that you would expect out of any e-book reader. Like it has a built-in dictionary and an MP3 player that enables you to either listen to music or have a book read aloud by way of its text-to-speech feature, which according to Samsung, the SNE-60 can do without any mispronunciations. The e-reader comes equipped with a 0.3w speakers.

Then the device has an impressive onboard storage capacity which at 2GB is enough to store close to 1,200 e-books. And if that’s not enough, there are SD card slots that you can make good use of. The SNE-60 is WiFi enabled, which means it can download contents via 802.11b/g Wi-Fi on its own without requiring it to be connected to an intervening PC. Samsung also claims this to be the first time to feature in an e-reader.

The e-reader is extremely compact and measures a mere 17.1x12x1.6mm and is compliant with ePub, PDF and TXT formats. However, further details are awaited as to what its battery life will be like or what exactly will be its pricing structure.

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