Kobo ARC Unboxing Video

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Unboxing Video! Today we take a look at the latest tablet by Kobo: the Arc. We dive right into it and show you everything that comes in the box and a first time boot up.

The one thing the amazed me right away was how fast this device was. It is definitely on par with the Nook Tablet HD and Kindle Fire HD 7, in terms of being robust. Tapestry is also a huge selling feature! It is an exclusive interface that gives you the freedom to organize and enjoy your content how you like it. Kobo Arc comes preset with a Reading Tapestry that organizes your current ebooks and suggests new ones. You can also create custom themes that suit your interests and browsing habits.

Stay tuned for our full hands on review that will come out this coming Monday!

Michael Kozlowski (5212 Posts)

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  • tess

    Thanks – looking forward to the review on Monday :)

  • Rob

    I just got one today and I wonder if mine is funky or if it’s a design flaw.. There is a slight yellowish haze across the top of the screen in portrait orientation, like the LEDs aren’t quite running all the way up there. It’s not apparent on the main screens or menus, or in videos, but it is noticeable against the white background in the reading app. Like a bit of tobacco stain or sun-damage across the top of a page. Not sure if it’s a deal-breaker or not, but it is a bit distracting.

    I’m going to check out the display units at my Chapters, but thought I’d ask someone who actually has one.

    Any feedback would be great.

  • Al Regenstreif

    I have a nexus 7 with Kobo. On Friday the Kobo stopped working. Does that mean Kobo will no longer be supported on my device which I bought at Future Shop on September 1st, 2012.

  • Team Kobo

    Dear Rob,


    Thank you very much for taking the time to bring this to our attention.
    We would most certainly like to look into this matter right away.
    Please contact us at the following email address: KoboExecutiveCare@kobo.com
    If you could provide a photo of what you are describing that would be
    very much appreciated. We are looking forward to helping you.



    Team Kobo

  • Tess66

    will the full review be uploaded soon?  Very eager to see it – you guys are the main place I count on for making decisions about hardware :)

  • http://goodereader.com/blog/ Good E-Reader

     Review will be up in the next hour.

  • Tess66

     Thanks :) I’m glad you waited till this evening as it would have been a huge distraction while I was at work today *g*.