Kobo Aura H2O – Reading in the Dark Review


Kobo has formally unveiled their brand new 6.8 inch Aura H20 e-reader. The big selling point behind this is the waterproof nature and the large vibrant screen. Kobo has been slowly refining their front-light technology that allows you to read in low light conditions or absolute darkness. Today, we look at the various degrees of illumination to give you a sense if this device is right for you.

Reading in the dark has never been easier with the Kobo Aura H20. It has a number of brightness levels that can be customized, depending on your environment. It is important to note that the light is not emitting from behind the screen, like computer monitors, laptops, smartphones or tablets do. Instead, there are five LED lights spread along the bottom of the bezel and shine light across the screen.  Nook pioneered this technology but Amazon and Kobo really refined it.

In this video, we demonstrate the entire range of illumination to give you an accurate portrayal of the pros and cons of the Aura H20.

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