Kobo Aura HD and Kobo Glo Video Comparison

kobo aura hd vs kobo glo

The Kobo Glo was the company’s first attempt at making an e-reader that utilizes the same type of front-lite technology that we saw with the Kindle Paperwhite and Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. The Aura is the company’s latest product offering and really refines all aspects of software and hardware. This video comparison shows you the main distinctions between the two devices and what you can expect if you are on the fence about purchasing either of these.

The Kobo Aura HD has a few main selling points, notably the 6.8 screen and the 1440 x 1024 resolution. It simply blows away any other e-reader of this size currently available and even destroys most 7 inch tablets. The front-lit display really refines what the company did with the Glo, and gives the Kindle Paperwhite a run for its money.

This video comparison really shows you the hardware and software differences between these two e-readers. The Aura HD has a new homescreen and lots of subtle UI elements. You will get a strong sense of what makes these two very unique, watching them go head to head.

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  • atticus

    I have heard that the Kobo Aura HD can do both EPUB as well as MOBI. True?