How to Download Android Apps to your Blackberry Playbook

Welcome to another exclusive Good e-Reader Video Tutorial! Today we take a look at the new OS2 on the Blackberry Playbook and teach you how to load in Android converted BAR Files.

BAR files are the popular format that the Playbook reads in order to install apps. When you download programs from the Blackberry App World these are the extensions of the files you download and install. Sideloading in your own apps is not as easy as using Windows Explorer. The essence of our Tutorial outlines what you need to do on your tablet and then what you need to do on your PC. The process is actually fairly simple and the entire process is well documented.

So you are looking for Android Apps for your Blackberry Playbook? Look no further then our own Good e-Reader App Store! We have created a new section that has over 50 BAR file applications converted from Android! We have major e-reading apps like Kindle, Aldiko, Moon+ Reader, Marvel Comics and tons of newspaper, magazine and essential installs! You can download all of the apps HERE.

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  • Bea Gonzalez

    I have tried to follow all of these instructions and keep being stalled at the point when I have to upload the dropbox file using the DDPBInstaller.  At that point my playbook shows under Networks on my computer and whenever I try to open a media or cert file that is in there it asks me for a password.  My computer doesn’t have a password and so nothing I put in there will help!!! The files never show on the directory in the DDPBInstaller program when I press ADD.  I should also note that I did manage to check the downloads file in my Playbook and it did show the Dropbox.  Any ideas on what is going wrong? 

  • Good E-Reader

     The password is one you set on your Playbook when you went to settings/security/developer mode and turned it on, it asks you for a password, this is the password you want to use.

  • Bea

    This is not the password that it is asking me for.  It is asking me for a network password and I actually don’t have a network password.  The Playbook does not appear under my C drive but under my Network section.  I did try the password that I added like you said just in case but it does not work!  Do you have any idea as to how I can get my Playbook to show under the C drive?

  • Nkhagram

    Once I get to the DDPB installer stage where I type in the IP and password I keep getting a “Incorrect IP or password” – I have re-typed the IP and password over and over again but the same thing keeps coming up! what do I do?

  • Bea

    My problems are happening once I open the DDPBInstaller and it scans the playbook and I enter the password correctly.  I then press ADD and it finds my Playbook only under Networks.  It then asks me for my network name and password even though I have no network name or password.  I tried creating one but that didn’t work either.  If I access my playbook when not inside the DDPBInstaller, it lists  under the C drive and I can see the dropbox in the downloads file.  For some reason the DDPBInstaller once launched does not want to recognize the Playbook under that drive!  This is causing all the problems.

  • parkzz

    ive done everything installed dropbox and everything, then i went onto the website on my playbook downloaded tap tap revenge 4 and went back on DDPB installer to do the same process again so i can install it but its not coming up on my downloads? can you help me please?

  • Bea

    Finally figured it out!  I was trying to open the files in DDPBinstaller from the Playbook and not my desktop where they were sitting in the download directory!  Once I went there, I was able to get the Kindle and other apps.

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your service is invaluable.

  • Teggiano

    i am having the same problem

  • Image

    please you can use localbar an app that you install in playbook and then use this app to install bar files that you can download through web browser directly into the playbook. You still need to set the play book in dev mode with a pssword
    pretty straightforward. you dont need the DDPB installer on your pc etc

  • Debbie

    i got as far as the ddpb installer but when I scanned and put in my password it kept saying tht either the ip address or the password was wrong. I tried several times. No luck

  • Debbie

    same thing happened to me

  • David

    I have watched your video but I can’t see the same menu choices. Where is this Development Mode and Security setting? I downloaded OS 2 this morning.

  • Debbie

    that didn’t work.  thoughts? 

  • Good E-Reader

     Make sure you enable developer mode and use that IP address when your Playbook is physically connected to  your PC via the Micro USB cable to USB cable into  your PC. Also, make sure Blackberry Desktop Software is open and you use your password you setup when you enabled developer mode

  • Debbie

    i needed to restart my playbook. I’m good now.  However I am  trying to see words with friends it is saying that drop box can’t read this file

  • Jerry Mathis

    Can someone please HELP!

    No matter what I try, DDPB installer always tells me  ip address or the password is wrong no matter what I do. I can guarantee that it is correct.

    Any and all help appreciated!

  • 1Jane2

    am i able to download the new android apps on the original playbook? 

  • Good E-Reader

     You need to update the OS in your settings and Update. Its 400 MB

  • Good E-Reader

     Do you have developer mode turned on and the password established? Is your Playbook connected to your PC? Have you loaded Blackberry Desktop Manager and inputted your password? Did you install the recent  update to java and have the latest updates from Windows Update?

  • Good E-Reader

     In DDPB if your playbook is connected to  your PC you should just hit the SCAN button next to your IP selection.

  • Good E-Reader

     The Playbook will show up under your C: Drive if you have the Blackberry Desktop Manager Open and used your developer password when it boots up and prompts you for it.

  • Bryan Sklar

    Instructions should state to download the good ereader apps to your PC, not to the playbook from the playbook browser. When you use DDPB Installer you can add files from your hard drive – it does not show the Playbook or other attached drives to your PC (at least on Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit systems).

    If you are getting incorrect IP or Password errors, you need to downlod the latest JRE files and .NET runtime files; thsi will correct those issues.

  • Good E-Reader

     Not true on the first part. We just filmed a second video tutorial we are posting in a few moments. If you have Desktop Manager Fired Up and enter your developer password when the program opens  your Blackberry Playbook stops acting as a mapped Network Drive and allows you to browse the directory structure. This is handy to install apps right off of  your device and stops unnecessary work in manually copying them or downloading them to your PC. I mean  you can download them to your PC but its easier to download them right to  your Playbook.

  • photoman

    I still keep getting an error message with ES File explorer for Playbook.. I have upto date Java. I was sucessfuly able to install Kindle but the ES file explorer keep giving me error message.

  • guest

    Barnes & Noble reader please!

  • Good E-Reader

     Nook for Android does not work with the Playbook, we tried

  • Rob

    Thank you very much. 

  • Jeff Myers

    Thanks, Michael!  This was splendid.

  • Dave Zimmerman

    I have followed all of the instructions and I am able to get the apps onto playbook but when I click the app nothing happens.  I was able to scan and get an ip address and everything appeared to work fine but why can’t I get them to open.

  • Dave Zimmerman

    yes to all of your questions.  Any idea why they would show up on playbook but not launch?

  • Good E-Reader

    No idea, try re-booting your Playbook? You do have os2 installed right?

  • Dave Zimmerman

    yes I have 2.0 installed I’m very confused since I followed the instructions step by step.  It seems that I’m missing one step some where along the line.  The apps are there and the ddpb installer says that it has installed them and the icons are in playbook but they just won’t open.  Thank you for any help that you can give it is appreciated.

  • Sheilamariemondejar03

    Hi michael, im a PB user too… i tried downloading the dropbox on the PB but the icon is not showing and i tried to tap on the open file after the download an error message is showing unable to find default app. please help.

  • Playbook

    is this legit?

  • playbook

    I mean does it count as jailbreak?

  • Baber

    Dave I am having the same problem. Do you have any solution to this?

  • Good E-Reader

     No, blackberry OS2 comes with an android emulator. Which means you can convert most Android Files to the BAR format, which is the format the Playbook reads its apps.

  • playbook

    If i buy it at best buy will they help me to do it?

  • Mack618

    the ddpb installer wont bring up the playbook when i go to add. the playbook is connected to the installer and when i go to my computer the playbook is drive Z. but its not there when brought up in the ddpb installer.

  • Good E-Reader

     Try firing up Blackberry Desktop Manager and enter your password for developer mode and it should be clickable as a network drive.

  • Dhauger

    When I enable development mode, my PC won’t hook up with playbook. When I shut off the development mode, it will hook up with my playbook, of course then I cannot continue. I also keep getting the password errors in DDBP installer, I tried using scan, but it gives me a different IP address than it shows on my playbook when I am in development mode. If I type in the correct IP address it still says password error. Help!!

  • F_libotte

    When I use DDPBInstaller, it connects to the Playbook, it does not recognize it on My computer, as a local drive. In the Windows Explorer, on the left side, my Playbook is listed as drive Z, but the right side of the Explorer screen, it is listed as part of the network. So when I want to access the Playbook file with DDPBInstaller, it does not list the Z:Playbook… What is the solution?

  • Good E-Reader

    You need to load up Blackberry Desktop Manager and enter your developer password. This will allow you to click on and access your Playbook showing up under network

  • F_libotte

    Thank you. I already have BB Desktop Software installed. I think I understand from your answer that I should also have BB Destop Manager? When I look for it, it seems like a commercial app with servers? If so, is there a way to install the Desktop Manager on my personnal PC?

  • StephenRH

    How to handle the apps that have a zip file and not the BAR file?  Firefox is one and I really really really would like Forefox on my PlayBook.  Will the BAT file be available soon?  (About ten apps that did have the BAR file did load and work beautifully)

  • StephenRH

    I meant, “Will the BAR file be available soon?”

  • Nick

    I’m also having this problem.

  • kent inso

    How to download the dropbox i cannot find it somewhere

  • Ksatishdubey

    thanks Michael,
    i have install some very good android apps on my playbook after watching your tutorial video and all are working fine except skype.whenever i try to sign in it suggests re installation. Help, please.

  • New Playbook User

    I bought ($2.99) Enjoy Sudoku from Jason Linhart for the iPhone.  It is now available for Android but not the Playbook.  Is it possible to have this converted for the Playbook?  If it is not possible to convert a paid app there is also a free app called Sudoku from Jason which only allows one game per day.  Could this one be converted?

  • Kinhekars

    Hi.. When I try to add on the DDPBI the playbook drive is not visible when browsing for file. Though I have tried it loading desktop manager first. It does not work. Please help!!

  • Oneka

    well you all do the google talk at some point?

  • Zaid Muhamad

    Are these the only android apps available which are on ur website. Or are there more to come??

  • Good E-Reader

     We add more every day!

  • Sindhu Soc

    though i complete the process i am unable to open the drop box



  • Manish Mathur

     Hi micheal, I cant open dropbox in my playbook, i installed correctly as instruction given but cant open it. also most of the apps hangs at 50% and be installed. what to do

  • Jeffbourassa

    I can install and they run if I click the Launch after install, after that I have no icons to run the driod apps from.  They run from recent applications, but no icons appear in the icon menu on the PB.

    Seems odd, do I need a launcher or is there a way to sort/add apps on the apps menu?

  • Kuhn_haus

    Lots of missing detail on where to find the apps described as necessary!  Lots of missing detail, and not enough detail on how to get to the next step!!
    And what’s with the drastically reduced volume, which occurs after the remark; “Stay Tuned”??  It goes so quiet that it’s impossible to hear the narrator!
    If this is the best that “Good e-Reader” can do, then perhaps I’m in the wrong place!!?

  • SargeofNY

    I am having this issue from my Macbook. Desktop Mgr installed; Java up to date. Apps do not load onto the Playbook. Why?

  • cad


  • Karan Gupta

    hello i just want to know how to add autocadws on my playbook please reply soon

  • Harun Raz33

    How do you actually download the apps you want?

  • Harun Raz33

    Please help! How do you actually download the apps you want?

  • Surveen Chahal

    Please help, for some reason not all the apps that i have download are showing on DDPB. I can see them when i just go straight to my computer/blackberry playbook/downloads! But not via DDPB. 

    P.S I have updated Java.

    I have fixed the problem, thank you

  • Mary

    I am very desparate – I hope I can get an aswer here.  I followed the instructions and downloaded the kindle app to the bb playbook. I know the app is on there but no icon shows up on the home screen. I just got this playbook today so I’m not very savvy. I was able to register it on Amazon and even transfer my books from amazon to the bb. If I fumble around long enough I find the books but can’t remember how. My question is how do I get the icon to appear so I don’t spend an hour trying to find the downloaded books. I feel so stupid…It’s 2am I’m giving up and going to bed. Maybe when I get back on this tomorrow the answer will be here!  That would be SO AWESOME.  Either way this tutorial was excellent.

  • Mart

    Well, i’ve heard it said that the solution to a problem is always just past the point when you’re at the peak of confusion and ready to give up. I fiddled around a bit more after posting my frustration and voila! The little kindle icon is now there.  Life is good.  I have no idea what I did to make it happen.

  • Kaybee @ HP

    The desktop software has to be open

  • Saynessa

    Do you have any app for Skype 

  • Matthew Barcelon

    Why doesnt. The apps work???? I keep on downloading but nothing happens… Bullshit…

  • erica

    how do i install ddpb on my macbook?

  • deathcranite

    when i scan and put in my password and hit connect it shows me that java is not recognized as and external or internal command, but i have installed java 64 bit what do i do

  • Good E-Reader

    Uninstall it and install Java 32, even if you are on a 64 bit OS

  • AL


  • Raza

    Please put a solution video for this same problem!

  • craig simspon

    Hi I’m worried that if I do something wrong I will block or break my playbook is this possible.???