New Blackberry Z10 Firmware Blocks Sideloading Apps

IMG_00000057There is a combination of leaked firmware and overseas firmware updates for the Blackberry Z10 that disables the ability to load in your own Android apps. UK providers such as Orange and mobile carriers in Germany are pushing out a new firmware update today. Many customers in North America have also tried out the new build to see what new features are lurking inside. We have numerous confirmed reports that when you load this firmware, you cannot load in BAR files anymore. People have also tried downgrading the OS and loading in apps, but it still does not work. The only known solution right now is to security wipe your entire device and use the stock operating system.

Normally, whenever a new version of an OS comes out, it is a cause for celebration. It often packs in new features and enhancements that makes your day! Unfortunately, if you are a fan of loading in your own BAR files that are not available on Blackberry World, I would avoid this update at all costs. Remember, you can download over 3,000 Playbook and BB10 Apps, such as Comixology, Kobo, Marvel Comics, and thousands of games at the Good e-Reader APP Store.

Michael Kozlowski (5220 Posts)

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  • MaskedHypocrite

    “Hmm. Our app store is complete garbage and people are sideloading Android apps instead of paying us for inferior apps. Forget getting a better selection of apps, better stop the sideloading!” Sad.

  • Steve

    “Hmm, crappy Android apps are crashing our device, draining battery and hogging resources. This phone is a tool not a toy. Let’s keep BB pure.” Great.

  • heymeng

    I do not have a problem side loading apps with this update.

  • Qt_man

    You must be joking, Steve. Some 90% of apps currently available in
    the BB AppWorld for the Z10 are Android ports. RIM does not care to
    have quality Qt apps ported to BB10 – they don’t make it possible to use
    Qt Mobility (location, sensors, multimedia) in QtQuick apps and thus
    force developers to use Cascades, which require MONTHS of work (re-doing
    the whole UI) to port a Qt application. So sh*tload of poor Android
    ports is apparently all they need and they force people to get them via
    the AppWorld only. Sad. After years of using the totally open Maemo
    & MeeGo phones, this new Z10 looks to me more and more like a
    totally locked up Windows Phone.

  • mobilemisc

    curious where you got 90% from (ex a statement from bb or recent article, etc), I believe it is closer to 20%?

  • Jared Dapena

    Yeah, 90% is total garbage…Android ports make up around 20% of the library, granted a lot of the native BB apps are garbage apps that amateurs are making with the BB App Builder tools, but what o/s is immune from bad apps? The Apple Store and Google Play are littered in garbage too…and lot more of it at this point.