•  I work in a library that lends ebooks and audio books through Overdrive.  The ebooks and audio books both expire after their due date and cannot be opened. So, the reason for buying an ebook even if it’s available to borrow from the library is the same reason you would want to buy a print book rather than check it out–you want to re-read it or you want to have your copy–whether physically on the bookshelf in  your home or on the shelf of your ereader.  Just like print books, the books are licensed to only be shared with one patron at a time–I’m on waiting lists right now for audio books I want to borrow. I don’t see how loaning a book will hurt the sales–in fact, it could help them. If it’s a book I want to read badly enough, I won’t wait through everyone else who wants to borrow it–I’ll go buy it. Just like a print book.

  • Crazyheart

    I try before I buy.  Always have.  There’s only so much money in my entertainment budget, so I try to spend it wisely.  If I can’t try out a new author or series in the library first, I don’t commit myself to buying the works in case they aren’t my cup of tea.  So publishers who don’t sell to libraries lose my business.

  • Patti

    owe the publishers who have severed their ties with libraries a bit of
    gratitude. Since I won’t buy from publishers who refuse to support
    libraries, I’ve discovered some small presses that I might otherwise
    never have tried. It turns out that Joe
    Konrath both writes and publishes some highly entertaining reads in the
    mystery and horror genres, at much lower prices. Sourcebooks gives me a
    terrific historical fiction selection. Open Road is bringing back
    modern classics at very reasonable prices. There’s little need to do
    business with the big houses such as Macmillan, Penguin, S&S, etc.
    So a backhanded thanks for saving me money and giving me the nudge to
    try unfamiliar publishers who provide great value!

  • People buy books for different reasons. And the reason that you can not borrow eBook from library is not the reason they need to buy it in most cases. 


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