Sony Reader Store Now Available in Australia


Sony has just unveiled its new Australian Reader Store that seeks to capitalize on a growing ebook market. The company intends on swaying people over to its ecosystem by offering a different free ebook every day. Sony is also showcasing hundreds of books written by local writers.

Expanding into foreign markets as been a priority with Sony, with the UK and European relaunches and aggressive marketing. The move into Australia helps Sony eventually roll out new e-readers and garner domestic sales for hardware and digital content.

“We are proud to bring our Reader Store ebook offering to customers in Australia. With the widely accepted, open ePUB format and our focus on local Australian ebook selections, we believe Australians will be excited to choose Reader Store for any book they want to read.” says Tad Kitsukawa, Managing Director Sony Digital Reading Services.”

Kobo, Apple, Amazon, Google, JB-Hi-Fi, and many other online stores certainly give Australians a ton of viable options to buy ebooks. The overall book landscape has certainly changed in the last few years, with the bankruptcy of REDGroup, Angus and Robertson, and Borders. Currently the overall Australian ebook market is thought to be the seventh largest in the world.

Michael Kozlowski (5222 Posts)

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